What to Expect

What you can expect from Genevieve’s Craft Room Blog:

Hi fellow crafters,

I wanted to leave a page where you can see what to expect from my blog.

I’ve been crafting my whole life, and I will be sharing tips and tricks from all my crafts.

I do:






Teddy bear making (hand stitched mohair bears and synthetic) I also design patterns and I might share those ever so often.


Polymer Clay


There are more crafts, but these are the main ones.


Another important thing I will share:

I live in South Africa, and although crafting  is huge here, we don’t have the resources some of the other countries (The USA for instance) have.

Many of our supplies have to be imported and we pay a hefty price for that. So I’m going to be sharing more cost effective alternatives or places to find things that are hard to source.

If you are in SA, keep an eye out for these kinds of things.

And please, if you have a good tip or suggestion, email me so I can share it with everyone.



4 thoughts on “What to Expect

  1. This is so awesome! It’s so nice to find a fellow SA crafter, someone who understands the difficulty of getting hold of fabrics only available overseas. Really glad I came across your blog!


    • 😀 Yes, it can be such a pain. I’m always looking for ways around it. I’m glad you found my blog too and don’t be shy to let me know if you find something in your shopping that we struggle to get our hands on in SA. 😀


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