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My First Art Journal Page

Hi Crafters, Artist, and general Creative Folks.

For those of you who read my blog, you’ll know that I follow a blogger and you-tuber by the name of Lindsay Weirich, aka The Frugal Crafter.

I think she’s a phenomenal artist and person and she teaches and shares her knowledge so freely that you can’t help but be inspired by her. She’s the reason this first page was made the way it was, and here’s the story.

After doing my Dryad drawing in my cheepy kids color pencils, and being happy with how it turned out, I decided I wanted some artist quality color pencils, and I found a set of 24 Artists Derwent pencils at the Centurion Lifestyle center PNA.

I cringed at the R340 plus, but made big puppy dog eyes at my hubby till he relented with a long suffering sigh (Love puppy dog eyes and the effect they have). So I got my pencils, but I had a problem.


They are so pretty! Now I have to open them and actually use them?!

Sacrilege!!!!! (exclamation points the writer in me hates but finds necessary to explain the utter horror of having to ruin something so pretty).

Then while watching (yet another) of Lindsay’s tutorials, or ask a crafter she said something that really stuck with me.
It was something along the lines that you shouldn’t make your supplies so precious that you never use them.

Then the idea for my first Art journal page hit and I had to go with it, because she was RIGHT! Whats the point of shelling out that amount of money so the stuff can sit in a draw and look pretty. One should use what you have and enjoy it.

So, with a sigh worthy of a Shakespearean drama, I peeled off the cellophane from my pencil tin and reached for the first color.


Now you can see what they look like after my first art journal page, and I’m hoping I can find them somewhere in SA open stock, because my poor white is already looking vertically challenged.

Okay, are you ready for this?

This is for Lindsay, who has inspired me to find my inner artist again. Thanks Lindsay. You are a treasure and precious all on your own, and we are lucky that you take the time to share your knowledge with us.


I will do another post for the steps I did for the background and how I put it all together on another day, I think I’ve yacked at you all long enough for today.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Happy Crafting,



Excellent Drawing Board!

Hi Crafters,

If you read my post on the coloring I did of the Dryad you’ll know that I used an old cutting board to put my paper on as I was drawing, and I didn’t like it, because the texture of the plastic cutting board came through when I colored.

I’ve found an affordable solution for it.

I was in PinknPay and I saw an A4 white board. One with a little frame that’s meant to be hung on the wall. It was R30, and it occurred to me, it’s a nice smooth but sturdy surface. So I bought it.

I thought I’d test it out before I decided if it would work, and if it didn’t I have an extra white board for my office/craft room.

First project on it is a page for my art journal, and I’m loving it!

I’d put more exclamation points there *laughs* I really do love it. Its smooth and hard and I’ve got the perfect surface to work on.


As you can see its working perfectly, no texture and smooth lines all the way.

I intend on getting another in a bigger size for when I work bigger than A4.

If you’ve had issues finding a good drawing surface, go get yourself a little white board. Works like a charm.

Happy Crafting,