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Tips and Tricks: Reference for Inktober


Whenever I tackle a project I like to be prepared. I do my research, have my reference ready and work from there. I’m a little intimidated with Inktober simply because I’m a slow creative, and you have to do a drawing everyday.

To decrease the time I take to create I decided to do some prep-work ahead of time.

As I said in my last post. I’m going to follow the official prompt list for Inktober. So that was a good place to start.

I typed out the list in word and printed it out on a piece of paper. So I could write down ideas next to each word. Then I sat with a pencil and let my imagination run wild.

Teeming gave me the most difficulty. But in the end I found something that will work and not require me to draw a swarm.

Ideas down and ready to go the next step was to find reference. So I went to my favorite place.


I started hunting and so far I’ve found reference for about half my list already.

I was amazed at the variety of reference I could find there. Just type in what you are looking for and they are bound to have some kind of reference that you can use without worrying about copyright.


Tips and Tricks Wednesday: Reference³


From the very start of learning to draw, my art teachers insisted, no, demanded that I use reference. “Your mind has a set image of something and that is not how it really looks”

They are right. So I’m going to hop on that illustrious  bandwagon and say…

Reference Reference Reference

in short


You  can’t have enough of it. When I was sculpting my baroque doll I went on google and searched baroque dresses. I had about a dozen images that I printed out and pasted into my reference book, then I worked looking at all of them to create the finished doll.

When you are sculpting or drawing or doing anything that you want to have a realistic look. The best thing to do is going and find as much reference as you can and then pay attention to it.

See how point A fits to point B.

Not how you THINK point A fits to point B