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Tips and Tricks Wednesday:Clean work


Be sure – before starting any project that you have washed your hands. Especially with clay.

Especially with white clay:


So wash your hands.

A good way to get off the extra oils is to use some hand sanitizer, it works well between colors if you’ve gotten them into your skin.

A good way to avoid getting color into you skin is to use hand lotion after you’ve washed your hands.



Tips and Tricks Wednesday:Chalks and such


There are many mediums you can use on polymer clay, the most common being soft pastels.

I’m not very fond of them because for me they seem to be to hard.

I prefer to use make up. And before you say eye shadow is all glittery, I’ll say you can get matt make up.


I got this pallet from Dischem the other day, its bright beautiful colors in a matt finish that is gorgeous. Way better than pastels. The pallet only cost about R80 I got it for nothing because I used my rewards points.

Score all the way.

So keep an eye out for things that you can use with your clay and other crafts. You never know when you might find something in the most unusual of places.

Tips and Tricks Wednesday #4


Don’t be overly ambitious:

Start small, learning and getting comfortable with the medium (any medium) will go a long way to making your work better.

When I started with clay I made sure I did only little charms. I learned how the clay moved and shaped and blended in my hands.

Now I’m more confident with the medium and I’m doing far better work.

So always start small. Keep your goals small and with practice you can make your goals more advanced.

20150707_121443This was one of my first projects. I was getting a feel for the clay and working with shapes.

Purple dragon Now I can do more complicated things.

Baby steps are the way to go.


Happy Wednesday, Crafties.


Polymer Clay Work Desk

Craft Room

Happy Sunday, Crafties!

I hope you are having a great day so far. I wanted to share one of my favorite places in my CROWS Room with you. My Polymer Clay work area.

This is currently and probably will be for a long time, one of my favorite crafts.

I don’t know if its because of years of drawing but I seem to have a knack for sculpting or if not a knack, then a great enjoyment for it.

So I thought I’d share photos of my area and how I have it set up.

From Right to Left:

Desk Right

Chalk Board: I use this to write down what ever project I have in mind to do next. Right now it should read Baroque Mini, but I haven’t written it down yet.

UV Light: This I have from my attempted nail days. (I truly suck at that btw) and I now use it when I make eyes for my creation. I use UV resin or UV nail top coat to get the high gloss finish on my eyes.

Scrap Clay box: Is exactly what it says. I like to keep my scraps separated by color so this box makes it easier.

Pasta Machine: My other one died… and I almost panicked. I can’t live without a pasta machine.

Eye Box: This is where I keep my premade eyeballs and backed iris canes.

Drawer set with Clay and Findings: One of my favorite things. In this set I have Premo/Femo/Souffle all sorted by color and labeled with a sticker color so I know immediately which clay I want to reach for.  I also have a few drawers with findings in them.

Camera: Is for when I get around to trying to film those you tube tutorials.

Toothpicks: No polymer clay artist will be caught dead without a good supply of these. They are far more useful than you’d think

Vasaline: I use this like a clay softener, but instead of softening all the clay I smooth with it. More on that later.

I have some head pins handy for charms, some que-tips for cleaning up and a spritzer of water for all kinds of uses.


Food Processor: Well actually it was a blender but it came with a grinding attachment which I use to chop up clay

Hand Lotion: Is a must you will not regret getting some, for some reason it a) prevents the clay color from sticking to your hands too badly and b) makes the clay more workable.

Basket: In this I keep my template for circles my acrylic blocks my calculator and a few other odds

Abour Press: I’ve spoken about this before. I can’t live without it.

Tools for sculpting: more on that later.


Basket on Press: In here I have a comb as you can see and my heat gun and hair dryer, all things I use a lot

I also use my Abour press with magnets all over it to attach little things that are metallic. Makes handy storage

sculpting tools

Sculpting brushes: These are plain painting brushes that I use (dragged through Vaseline) to smooth the clay after I’ve worked it. You can remove marks and fingerprints. It takes more work than you’d think but you can get gorgeous results.

Made tools: Mostly from knitting needles and sewing needles I’ve made a lot of tools that I use daily.

Silicone sculptors: I prefer these to the rubber ones, and use them all the tie.

Nail art glue: Its super glue, the kind you use to attach a nail tip to your fingernail. Stuff is tough as nails (haha punny) and it comes with a brush applicator.

Liquid clay: I have a few types I shove in there

Ball tool: And dotting tools I put them all in there too. At the back are my rollers I have a few of those too.

And there you have it. My work desk for Polymer clay.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Have a great one


Some News and Great things for your studio.

Happy Sunday Crafties.

Today’s post is a small one.


I’m sharing a picture of my polymer clay work desk. Why?

Did you notice the little camera on the tripod to the right of the photo. Yes, crafties, I’m going to try my hand and doing you tube videos. Mostly tutorials and clay things but sometimes other things too.

Right now I’m testing out the best angle for recording that shows what I’m doing but also allows me space to work.

I’ve had my little digital camera for years, but I hardly used it because we mostly use our cellphone cameras for photos. But I dug it out this week, got a power adapter (so I don’t have to spend a fortune on batteries) and a little tripod.

My hubby bought me a 16 gb memory card yesterday so I’m set. Lets hope I can actually do this. I’m notoriously camera shy.

But I’m going to give it a try, I’m going to call the channel “A Work of Heart”

its the name I use when I sell my finished products.


While I’m sharing I wanted to tell you all about this:


I’m sure those of you who are hard-core clayers have seen the new fandangled kneading machine on the market. I’m not going to mention names but you should know what I’m talking about.

I saw one and wanted it Sooooooo bad (note the capital S) I have problems with my hands and kneading clay is painful at times, especially the extra crumbly and hard fimo. So getting one of them would have been prayers answered. But, sadly, because I’m in South Africa it would have cost me a couple of grand to get here. I don’t have the money. So I asked the saint I married if he could make me something similar.

Saint-hubby took one look at the picture of the kneading machine and said.

“That is an arbour press.”

To which I answered. “A what now?”

He went on to tell me its a modified arbour press and that he could easily make the plates I needed to knead the clay.

I looked around and found a 1 ton arbour press at Adendorff for R800. So I bought it, spray painted it pink and Saint-hubby did the plates for me.

A LOT cheaper than trying to import it.

Plus I put magnets on it and that’s where I keep my clay blades, the little basket on the top was something like R12 and I keep my heat gun and my hairdryer in it, both tools I use at my clay desk all the time.

My verdict?

I frigging love it! My hands take so much less strain and I can work the clay without my fingers locking up. Every clayer should have something like this in their studio.


One last find that I adore. I was in @home at Irene village mall and I saw a cutting board. Not only is it smooth glass, its a good size and it has kitchen conversions all over it.


and rulers in cm and inches. It was only R200 and as a work surface is ideal. So if you have an @home near you go see for one, you wont regret it.

That’s it for today, Crafties. I hope you will join me on my new channel once I get it up and going (more information to follow on that)

Have a crafty day,






Baby Dragons

Happy Sunday, Crafties.

Its been a crazy couple of weeks for me, but I managed to find time for some claying.

I have to admit — although I’m a fan of any craft– I have my favorites. And polymer clay sculpting is becoming my top one.

Its scary to try and envision something that you want to create.

Frustrating to remember that you aren’t a master and as you are still learning you should stick to the basics.

But such a rush when you succeed in what you wanted to do.


I found these little treasure chests at Herannies (a craft store near me) and bought a few. They are very inexpensive the most expensive of them was R12.50.

When I saw them the first thing that popped into my head was Dragons!!!


So I set about creating some baby dragons to fit onto the boxes. Since then the next thing that popped into my head was Fairy’s and Mermaids so those will come soon

But for now here are my dragons.

Green baby first:


Then I did a purple baby, and she’s holding on to her teddy-bear.

Purple dragon


Then I did a red dragon.

All three of these babies have a home with my friend in the states. They have already been mailed off. She should be getting them soon.


Even the eyes are made by me on the purple and red dragon. I’m so proud of how they came out.

Needless to say I went and bought some more little treasure chests and I will be making more little sculptures soon.

Have a crafty day,


Clay Storage

Morning Crafties,

I hope you are all having a lovely day.

Today I’m going to share with you how I store my open clay.


I got these storage cubes from Plasticland. They cost about R140 for 4×4 rows of drawers. So 15 little drawers per cube. The cubes slot into each other so you can build them into a wall of drawers.  I can’t find them on the website (and I’ve looked and looked) but I know the Plasticland in Centurion Lifestyle center has them because that’s where I got mine.

Each little draw can fit two blocks of clay, and once again I have them in Brand then color order.

I’ve got each draw labeled with the name of the clay too. The round colored sticker on each label tells me at a glance which brand of clay I’m reaching for.

In front of the stacked cubes is one of my old storage boxes. In there I keep my scrap clay separated by color.

I’m going to be making another box for different color eyes. I plan on making many eyes.

I’ve got one of those drawer sets (the ones on wheels) I plan on using that for my unopened clay. Just have to find another home for my bear making supplies first.


Hopefully this has given you some good ideas for your own clay storage.

Have a wonderful day,