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Mixed Media = Fun

When my opinions of art were formulated thing were still done in a very traditional manner.

Oils were oils, acrylics were acyclic, you only drew with graphite, charcoal or perhaps pen and ink—and by that I mean with a nib pen and a bottle of black Indian ink. There was also no such thing as color pencils for fine art. Not in South Africa at least.

These days thing are not so ridged and it took me a while to get used to the idea of “Mixed Media.”

Now? I absolutely love mixing media, and I have been experimenting.

My favorite is to use copic markers for base layer. Then to use my Polychromos color pencils for to deepen the color layers and create details that I wouldn’t be able to create with the Copics.


This is one of my experiments: I used several different images of ball jointed dolls for basic reference. 

I’ve seen something similar done with watercolor paints and color pencils.

Another invaluable tool when doing this, especially for those dark lines, like eyelashes is a brush pen.

Mine is the Pentel pocket brush pen. I wish I could have as much control with all my brushes.

On the opposite end of that spectrum, is the white gel pen for hightlights.

The Signo broad is good for that.

The point I’m making in my normal rambling manner. Is that the possibilities are limitless. If you can think it, and the mediums will work together, then do it. You might be surprised what you can create with it.


Have a great Sunday,



In the Pink

Hi Crafties,

Just a quick post. Over the weekend I got a massive findings haul! So epic I’m still drooling over all my new toys.

I’m now on a strangulation budget… as in if I spend another cent on craft stuff my husband will strangle me.



I have some dotting tools and clay tools that I’ve had for a while, and they had plain brown wooden handles.

I decided I wanted some pink on them. I love to personalize things. So I took out a bright pink acrylic paint, mixed it with some white to make it more opaque and painted a couple of layers onto the wood, then I varnished the tools with my varnish I use for polymer clay.

Simple little thing, but it makes a huge difference when I look at my little tool box.


We all know how much I love pink.

The image is a bit … upside down but you get the drift.

If you are wondering about my work surface I’ll explain quick.

Its where I work with my polymer clay. I have my pink cutting mat but since the clay sticks to it I can’t use it

I do have a slab of glass, but I hate the sound the blades make against it when I need to cut clay. It’s like nails on a chalk board to me. So I put down the cutting mat and over it I have some pretty wax paper I found at our local Spar.

I have it stuck down with some micropore tape. It works like a dream and even better. When I’m done I can toss the wax paper, no mess- no fuss, crafties.

Art Journal Challenge – Week 2’s Page – Make it with Pink

Hello all you Crafty Folk,

This week Athena chose the challenge theme for the Art Journal and the one she chose was Make it with Pink 

I wanted to do something a little more multi-media.

So I started of with spray ink on my page, then I layered stamps over it in different shades of pink. I chose a digital image of a ballerina for my focal point, just because I love ballerinas and the grace they possess.

I colored her with my derwents, (not a big job since most of the line work was there) tho I have to complain that for some reason my toner (from my laser printer)  wasn’t sticking to the card stock so the pencil was making it come off.

I fussy cut her out then went to my cuttlebug and used a ballerina die I have and cut four from patterned card stock. I used Gel medium to paste them all down and work over them.

Then I stamped my letters and used my small circle punch to punch them out. I pasted them to the page with my tombo liquid adhesive and then used glossy accents over them to give them that three dimensional look.

I used some rhinestone accents I had to add a little bling to the page.

Hopefully you all enjoy it and remember I will be doing a post on Sunday for all of you who want to join. Just leave me a link to your piece in the comments.

We really hope that you will join in.

Happy Crafting,


(For a look at Athena’s Page you can go here https://athenascreativespace.wordpress.com/2015/02/24/a-pick-me-upper/

Make it with Pink