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Trick to keep your yarn from tangling.

Good Morning Crafty Folk,

This morning I have a quick tip for you.

I’ve been knitting a jersey (pullover?) for a while now, and I’ve been working with three different colors in a stripe pattern, but that means I have to keep switching between yarn and it was getting tangled in my box, so lazy me thought up a way to keep them from tangling.
I went out and bought a inexpensive plastic dish 9 inches long by 7 inches wide by 3 inches deep. (23x17x8 cm)


and I had my hubby drill two holes on each end then I put eyelets in it, so the yarn could move through freely.

I put my three different yarns in it and fed each through a hole (the extra hole is for when I’m working with four yarns)

I put the lid on it and started working, and I have to tell you it works fantastically. I have no tangling, my dogs and cats don’t feel the need to attack my yarn and I get to work in peace.

Hope this tip helped you all

Have a great crafting day,




Excellent Drawing Board!

Hi Crafters,

If you read my post on the coloring I did of the Dryad you’ll know that I used an old cutting board to put my paper on as I was drawing, and I didn’t like it, because the texture of the plastic cutting board came through when I colored.

I’ve found an affordable solution for it.

I was in PinknPay and I saw an A4 white board. One with a little frame that’s meant to be hung on the wall. It was R30, and it occurred to me, it’s a nice smooth but sturdy surface. So I bought it.

I thought I’d test it out before I decided if it would work, and if it didn’t I have an extra white board for my office/craft room.

First project on it is a page for my art journal, and I’m loving it!

I’d put more exclamation points there *laughs* I really do love it. Its smooth and hard and I’ve got the perfect surface to work on.


As you can see its working perfectly, no texture and smooth lines all the way.

I intend on getting another in a bigger size for when I work bigger than A4.

If you’ve had issues finding a good drawing surface, go get yourself a little white board. Works like a charm.

Happy Crafting,