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I’m looking for a full time studio Security guard… No not really.

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Okay, now that you all think I’ve utterly lost the plot. Let me explain my little joke.

About a year ago, my daughter who was turning sixteen at the time started showing an interest in Anime and more importantly in drawing it.

I’m no art snob. Art is art. (If they can call a blob of paint on a canvas art then anime is art too)

I feel as long as you are creating and loving what you are doing then you are an artist!  And naturally I was uber proud, my little girl is loving what her mommy loves. Art!

Anyway, I digress, Willo (pronounced Willow) started doing anime, but at first, she was tracing all her drawings.

Again, this didn’t bother me, because I’ve heard that tracing is a great way to teach your hand and eye to see things as they really are.

I wish someone had taught me that tidbit when I was learning. I spent many flopped drawings free-handing before I eventually got the hang of the hand eye thing.

Back to the story – Willo spent a while doing everything via tracing then she inherited a sketch book out my studio that was A3 (I don’t like working that big) and for some reason she decided she was ready to free-hand.

I was gob-smacked at the results.

Not only does she sketch at lightning speed, but her accuracy is astounding for someone who for all intents and purposes is a beginner!

And she’s a drawing fiend, she’s already nearly filled that sketch book and inherited another out my studio.

(And that was the important part of this rambling post. That Tracing is a great way to learn to draw)

She’s also claimed some of my cheaper art supplies, like my spectrum noir color pencils. I had all five sets, and although they are good for crafters, they are horrible for fine art. So Willo got those too. I’m happy to hand over the supplies I don’t use to encourage her to keep going.


Now I’ll tell you why I need the security guard….

Willo needed black color pencil so I gave her my spare black polycromos.


She discovered the difference between epic art supplies and mediocre art supplies.

To keep her from raiding my Polychromos drawers I gave her my set of 24 Drewent Drawing color pencils….

Oh boy… She’s hell on color pencils. She’s burning through them and eyeing the door to my studio with wicked intent.

And she’s complaining about the paper in the second sketch book.

*considers buying a lock for art supply cupboard*



Now do you see why I need a security guard?!?


Have a lovely Sunday, dear-ones





Rust Remover

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a serious interest in art.

Art as in – drawing, painting, and most visual arts.

However, lately my love for the scratch of a pencil on drawing paper is rekindling.

There is only one problem with that.

All my years of learning and practice have gotten a fine patina of rust from lack of use.

So to the de-rusting (I don’t think that’s a word) we go.


I was—in my teens and early twenties—predominantly a graphite and acrylic artist. Those are the mediums I know well.

But what sparked my current interest is Lisa of Lachri fine art and her color pencil drawings.
(I always have to remind myself to say color pencils because we call them pencil crayons.)

This reawakening of interest has been a slow process so I’ve started collecting new tools for my trade.

Color pencils, acrylics, airbrushing supplies and lately (listen carefully and you’ll hear a choir of angels) copic markers.

I also got some sketch books. And in this post I’ll show you the results of starting to sand off all that rust.

This was my first drawing in my Canson XL Mix Media (the link is to the place I bought it, no I’m not affiliated with them.


This was done using a mixture color pencils and copic marker.


My next sketchbook is a moleskine so I wanted to do something with the solid black cover. I found (a long time ago) an image of a werewolf I loved. So I contacted the artist on dA and asked his permission to recreate the werewolf on my sketchbook cover.

This was done using acrylic paint.

sketchbook cover

The original piece was line art by TheHand on dA.

So it looks like the rust is coming off, but its a long process. Its taking me ten times as long to get anything done. Hopefully that will improve with time. (haha)

Owl Eyes


Morning Crafties,

Today I wanted to share a practice drawing with you. I needed to try out a new medium so I put together an idea.

The background is airbrushed, the owl is done in water-soluble graphite pencils and the eyes are done with inktense pencils.

The intent was for it to be a fast drawing without too much detail so I could get a feel for the water-soluble graphite.

I can’t say its my favorite medium. But I will use it more — practice more and get more comfortable with it.


Happy Crafting


Eagle’s Stare – Finally done


Spectrum Noir pencil colors and normal drawing paper.

I do have some Fabriano paper that I’m going to try for my next piece, but this paper wasn’t too bad.

I don’t think I was able to get as many layers as I would have liked, and I’m still getting the feel for the pencils. So its a matter of getting used to the medium and seeing if it will do what I need it to do in order to create the effects I want.

Hope you like. 😀

Smudging Solution

Morning Crafty Folk,

This is just a quick tip for you today.

I’m busy working on me Eagle, and since I’m left handed I tend to smudge as I work. I’m sure it happens to right handed people too, but working left to right (as we are taught from small) makes it more problematic for a South-Paw.

You could use a normal piece of printer paper to stop the smugery (wow, there I go making up words again) but it doesn’t work all that well.

I have discovered something that is both cost effective and anti-smug effective.


Yes, the humble,wax wrap or wax paper.


You can still see through it, but it protects the work where your hand is.

Nifty huh?

Have a great day Crafties,


Lord Soth’s Song – Art Journal Page

Hi all you crafty people,

I hope you are having a fantastic Saturday. I’m looking forward to autumn (fall) because last night at 8:30 it was 31c and I’m so sick of the heat.

On to my post. On my last Art Journal post I told you about my love for Poe, and shortly after discovering him I found Dragonlance.

Fantasy I loved deeply, and one of my favorite characters was Raistlin, probably because he was so torn and dark and twisty.

But Lord Soth (The knight of the Rose) made an impression too, and the poem I’ve chosen to journal comes from the Dragonlance series.

It’s very gothic horror and well… Dark and Twisty.

Lord Soths Song

I did Lord Soth with my Derwent pencils on separate paper, (my poor pencils! I’m going to have to get an art patron to buy me more ROFL) and gessoed the page then did the background on there, using a combination of spray inks, inks, water based markers and acrylic paint. Yep, I really multimedia-ed it. (I’m making words up again)

If you are wondering about the blood drops on the rose. I used a little trick. I did the drops in markers so the color would be brighter then I used some Glossy Accents on it. That’s how I got the 3D effect.

I hope you enjoyed my little art piece. I know I enjoyed sitting coloring last night while I watched TV.

See you soon,

Happy Crafting,


Quoth The Raven…

Good Afternoon, my favorite Creative Types.

I learned something this week. My color pencils do not work well on gessoed art journal pages. If I want to color I have to work on an ungessoed (wow making up new words all over the place) surface.

So my raven girl was a bit of a (how would my beasty put it) Belly Flop!

I managed to rescue her by working with my water based markers and my water brush, then I went in with a fine liner pen. No fancy nifty markers for me (those are still on my wish list) these are the kids back to school markers you buy from the grocery store.

I’d say she came out pretty awesome considering the color pencil failure.

Why did I chose this quote? 

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth in 1987 and hair-styles were bigger than T-Rex.  I was in my last year of primary school we were sent to veldschool. Its something like summer camp and boot camp combined and its done in the fall so I ended up getting double pneumonia as well as being tortured for a week (what makes you think I hated veldschool?)

When I got home, the doctor took one look at me and chucked me in hospital for a week where they did lung therapy to get the gunk out my lungs, but it had the horrendous side-effect of giving me a migraine that lasted most of the week.

Second week of hell.

To cheer me up my mom asked me what gift I wanted and I told her (migraine or no) I wanted a sci-fi novel, any sci-fi novel. Yes, I was a registered book worm even back then. But my mom (who read westerns exclusively) didn’t really have a clue what a sci-fi was.

So a day later she arrives at visiting hour with a door stop sized book.

Edgar Allan Poe
The Complete Tales of Mystery and Imagination – The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym – The Raven and Other Poems.

Gothic horror!?!?!? Further from Sci-fi you could not get.

But I persevered and I fell in love and I have loved Poe ever since. Especially his poems. My all time favorite is “Alone”

It stood to reason that the second page in my art journal should be my version of an ode to my favorite poet.