Projects In Progress

P.I.P or Projects in Progress.

If someone were to make it illegal to be a multi-crafter. I’d be put on trial and get fifty life sentences. I’m that guilty.

I don’t think I’ve met a craft I didn’t like, and as a result I have a lot of different projects on the go at any given point in time.

Some crafts have longer work periods than others. Cross stitch, for instance. I have been busy for a long time on a beautiful kit, but I don’t sit and work on it everyday. I do it when I’m in the mood for it.

This is the page where I’m going to keep my In Progress projects, so I can keep track of the progress I’ve made. It takes patience for some of these, and its a quality I sometimes lack, so keeping a visual progress chart helps me out.

1.  Cross Stitch:

Aurora Cabin

11301400_447928942044705_421706181_n  6/06/2015


10/11/2015 – Progress made, I’ve got a day each week that I sit and work only on my cross stitch. So slowly but surely its getting there

Not even half way, but I love this image so I’m happy to take my time with it.

2.  Jersey:  DONE!

My pink and cream stripped jersey, busy with the back at the moment. I’m not going to upload a pic. But I do need to get that going.

It ended up being a sleeveless pullover because I ran out of yarn… But still a win.


3.  Socks: DONE! 

I’m knitting my first pair of socks!


4.  Roxy Bear: Done


5.  Fairy sitting – I’m following a tutorial on another doll to create the pose for a new fairy, I’m still busy with her its so hot at the moment that working with the polymer clay can be a bit difficult.

6. Prancer Fully Jointed Bear – Kit by Honeydew Bears. Michelle is my favorite bear maker, and I have a lot of her kits and I’m always looking to add to the collection. ‘Tis the season so I’m working on Prancer


7. Joint Projects: 

This is stuff my husband and I are working on together.

a) Tealight stove: Got all the raw materials just need to put it together

b) Color Pencil holder : In progress. I’ve cut all the PVC piping and Gavin is working on the wooden part.

c) Draws for my polymer clay holders. : I’ve got plastic boxes that I keep my clay in. Yesterday I designed a frame work to turn the plastic boxes into draws that are easy to pull out and push back in when I’m done. We’ve got the wood, now its just a case of nagging the hubby till he gets it done. (haha)

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