DIY Recipes

Hey Everyone,

I’ve started collecting recipes from around the internet for various things. I’m going to be sharing the ones that work on this page. So it’s easy to find and reference should you want to try your hand at one of these DIY recipes.

I will link where I found them if at all possible. So you can also go to the source and check how it was done.



Clear Stamp Cleaner: 


From (our fav) Lindsay, The Frugal Crafter : She mentions her stamp cleaning recipe in many of the Ask A Crafter vids too.

1 Part Baby Shampoo (I use Johnson’s baby shampoo, the yellow one that is gentle)

9 Parts Water


Rubber Stamp Cleaner: Also from Lindsay

1 Part Simple Green

9 Parts Water

Now I’ve hunted in South Africa for Simple Green but we don’t have it. We have something called Cleen Green


I’m pretty sure its the same stuff. It works at any rate.


Home Made Gesso: 


I would happily go buy some, but my local craft store doesn’t sell it. So I had to hunt down a recipe until I can get my hands on the real deal.

There are so many out there everything from Plaster of Paris to Baby Powder.

I tried a few and they were watery and runny so I modified it and this is what I came up with. It seems to work like a dream.

1 Part Water

2 Parts Baby Powder

1 Part White Glue (Ponal White wood glue for South African’s)

2 Parts White Acrylic Paint (I used Titanium White)

If you find this is still too runny add more baby powder. I ended up adding more until I was happy with the consistency. Like a watery pudding.

Home made Texture Paste: 

I’m going to get some caulking but for now I found a quick recipy that seemed like it might be fun.

1/2 Cup Baking Soda (Bicarbonate of Soda for us South Africans)

3 Table spoons white glue (Again Ponel)

2 Tablespoons White Acrylic Paint.

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