Craft Room Necessities

Hello Crafty People:


Okay, so necessities is a bit of an exaggeration, but I thought I’d make a page for those things I think are great to have in your craft room and why I think so.

Not everyone will agree, but these are the thing I believe that are useful.


Okay lets get going.


I’m going to start with the bigger ticket items:


  • A heat gun – Mine is by a company called Chiswick (South African). I think a heat gun has so many uses in the craft room that it is a must. From heat setting something to embossing.
  • A laminator – Now I know many will disagree with me, but you will be surprised how useful one is. I use mine to laminate storage solution. To make craft sheets to do all kinds of things. I got mine for R400 and I haven’t regretted it for a day. It laminates all the way up to A3 size so its awesome.
  • A die cutting an embossing machine, I have a Cuttlebug, but I want a Big shot and I will get one at some point.
  • A printer – most people will have a color ink jet printer. I have that but I have a mono laser printer too (and I use that way more, the toner last longer and it’s a great investment.
  • A binding machine: Especially if you want to make your own books. I’ve got a zutter, but to be honest I’m sorry I bought it, if I could go back I would have spent that money on an inexpensive comb binding machine instead. Because the rings for the zutter are expensive and they don’t even give you a set with the machine, so I haven’t even been able to use mine yet because I haven’t bought any binding rings yet.
  • A hot knife set/ Soldering Iron – I’m waiting on mine to arrive but I’m looking forward to all the things I will be able to do with it.
  • Don’t let me forget the hot glue gun. One with a cord is better for sure, but I do have a cordless battery operated one.
  • A marker spritzer. I bought the new Tim Holtz one in December (probably before everyone was aware of it over here, while the price was still under R200) and I’m not sorry, the effects you can get with it are great.
  • Air brush, I have three (no I’m not greedy) My sister in law gave me her old one, and I had to buy one with my compressor. I also have a copic airbrush system for my bear making (I only have three copic markers though *laughs * I will be getting more as my budget allows)
  • A rotary cutter or paper trimmer. I have a paper trimmer and I LOVE that thing! Couture Creations! I use it so much I had to go get new blades for it on the weekend. I’m looking into getting a gilloteen type one at a later stage too.
  • A T-square ruler. I have two. A metal 30cm one and a plastic 60cm one, I’m looking for a plastic 30cm one. The metal one annoys me. That said…
  • A good metal ruler, working with an xacto knife on a straight line you need a metal one or it WILL cut the plastic.
  • An Xacto knife or Scalpel (As we call it over here) A poky tool *haha* For getting the dies cuts out the die, and an awl.
  • A good hole punch and eyelet setter. I’d love a crop-o-dile at some point. It’s on my wishlist.
  • A scoring board. I don’t have one, and its high on my wish list. It will make my life much easier.
  • If you do quilling (Like I’m going to try) having a paper shredder is a great investment. Since the already cut papers can get expensive.
  • Perspex stamping blocks. Must have if you have clear or cling stamps.
  • Punches, though you could fussy cut and get what you want. I just love punches, so I buy them whenever I can.
  • A bone folder, it works beautifully, but if you don’t want one a ruler will do the same job.
  • A good scissors, well several pairs, I have a small one for fussy cutting and a normal one for general cutting and of course I have those craft scissors, the ones that cut zig-zags and so on.
  • Adhesive – Did you ever notice that crafters are glue obsessed? There have to be a million different types, glue guns and spray adhesive and tack it over and over and and and. Chose one you like and keep a few of the specialty ones for when you need them, but for most of my stuff I either use my hot glue gun or white glue.
  • An emery board. Why? Because your inexpensive clear stamps work soooo much better if you buff them with an emery board first. Whoda Thunk?
  • *Cringes as I say* Tim Holtz distress inks. I’m cringing because inks are so expensive and these (over here at least) are extra pricey, even the mini ones. I only have three. But (and yes its a big one) they are frigging AWESOME for blending with!
  • Black archival ink. Mine is Momento, but its a must for those things you want permanent.
  • Black or brown Staz-on ink, for stamping on surfaces that don’t usually hold normal ink.
  • For me – Water color or drawing media, pencils pencils and yes, more pencils, I don’t think I can get enough in my collection.
  • Markers – permanent. I want! I want to try coloring with them. So the Spectrum Noir are in my future. (I’m clairvoyant apparently too?!)
  • Paper, you can’t have enough card stock or patterned paper. I find I run out of that very fast.
  • A label maker, I have two, and I have a post on my blog about them so I wont go into detail here, but they are so useful.


Okay that’s all I can remember for now. But I will be adding onto this page ever so often. So keep an eye out.


Happy Crafting


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