Week 8’s Crafty Prompt Entry

Hi Crafties,

Okay, so I managed (with the mouse) still not happy, I wanted to do so much more to the image.

I wanted to do a digital entry this week, in the spirit of all crafts and art entries.

Here is my entry for the week:

Prompt: Smokey Quartz.


Stock links:



The clouds and moon and moonbeams are brushes and the rest I worked in… as best I could without a tablet *weeps more*

Hope you all enjoy.



Art Journal Prompt Entries for Week 7 and Week 8’s CRAFT CHALLENGE Prompt+Givaway

Hi Crafties,

Its Sunday and time for our entries. Sadly Beasty-Athena’s been crazy busy so she didn’t get to share a post this week and no one else has submitted a entry. So its only lil’ ol’ me that did something for the Princess Prompt.


Beasty-Athena got her page done YAY.

You can find it here


And here is my submission:


Inside every woman  is a elven princess

Hopefully there will be more entries next week.

All you have to do to enter is to leave a link to your entry in the comments of THIS post.

GIVEAWAY: One of the entries will be randomly chosen and they will receive a PDF copy(ebook)of “Burning Ember” by Evi Asher. Its the first part of a paranormal romance miniseries (book)  and I’m told pretty good *chuckles* I will be giving away all three parts through the weeks.

Now for the prompt. This week it was chosen by my wonderful husband Gavin. And your prompt is

Smokey Quartz 

What you do with the words is up to you, use Smokey or use Quartz or use them together, use a quote you think fits with the prompt. 

Make an art journal page, or a card or a painting or anything that is crafty.

I think I’m going to change the name of this weekly thing to CRAFT challenge. Because I believe creativity should never be limited.

So here is to another week.

Happy Crafting!

Week 5 and 6 Art Journal Posts

Hi Crafties,

Happy Sunday! Truth be told, I slept most of the day away. I think I’m still getting over the flu but I did enjoy my long sleep.

Let me get to it, today is Sunday (as previously stated, oh, queen of the obvious) so its Art Journal post day.

Our first one comes from Athena,

As well as the prompt for next week (Week 7)’s post: Princess.



And the next two are both from me:



Hopefully we’ll get more entries again next week.

Have a happy crafting week,


Week Three’s Art Journal Pages – Life is a Garden… Dig it ~ Joe Dirt

Hi Crafty Folk,

It’s Sunday and time to post this week’s art Journal pages. Again, sadly, only Athena and I, but I’m hoping as the weeks progress you will feel like you can join in the fun. Either way, we are enjoying it and we won’t be stopping.

This coming week is Athena’s choice of saying. You can find it here.

Without further ado here is this week’s pages.

Athena’s :




We both did a bit of a zen tangle to get the hang of it, I know I will be trying the technique again at some point.

And keep an eye on my blog for the next week I have a few posts lined up, but today I’m in zombie mode since I only went to bed at 4am and my brain is currently the consistency of luke warm custard. *laughs*

Happy crafting,


Week 2 – Art Journal Challenge Posts And Week 3’s Prompt

Hey Hey Crafties!

Its Sunday, and my kids are driving me nuts, so I snuck off to come and post this weeks Art Journal Challenge entries.

I’m sorry to say it was only Athena and I this week, but hopefully as the weeks progress more people will feel they can join in the fun.

Please remember this is a NO JUDGY Zone! So you can join in and come have fun with us. I find a prompt helps spur on my creativity too.

Okay, to the posts the first one is Athena’s 

kirbyThe next is mine: Make it with PinkIt was so much fun playing with inks and stamps and making this page.

And now! 

The prompt for Week three: “Life is a garden… Dig it. ~Joe Dirt” 

Lets see what you can all come up with.

I’m attempting my first Zen Tangle, so I’m hoping it will work out okay. Not too sure it will, I’m not good with patterns. But this is about fun and learning to do new techniques too. So I’m looking forward to it.

Please (please) Join in the fun!

Happy Crafting,



If you want to join you can post a link to your “entry” in the comments section on this post or email it to me at genevieve . c. potgieter @ (take out all the spaces)

Art Journal Challenge – Week 2’s Page – Make it with Pink

Hello all you Crafty Folk,

This week Athena chose the challenge theme for the Art Journal and the one she chose was Make it with Pink 

I wanted to do something a little more multi-media.

So I started of with spray ink on my page, then I layered stamps over it in different shades of pink. I chose a digital image of a ballerina for my focal point, just because I love ballerinas and the grace they possess.

I colored her with my derwents, (not a big job since most of the line work was there) tho I have to complain that for some reason my toner (from my laser printer)  wasn’t sticking to the card stock so the pencil was making it come off.

I fussy cut her out then went to my cuttlebug and used a ballerina die I have and cut four from patterned card stock. I used Gel medium to paste them all down and work over them.

Then I stamped my letters and used my small circle punch to punch them out. I pasted them to the page with my tombo liquid adhesive and then used glossy accents over them to give them that three dimensional look.

I used some rhinestone accents I had to add a little bling to the page.

Hopefully you all enjoy it and remember I will be doing a post on Sunday for all of you who want to join. Just leave me a link to your piece in the comments.

We really hope that you will join in.

Happy Crafting,


(For a look at Athena’s Page you can go here

Make it with Pink