Clay Storage

Morning Crafties,

I hope you are all having a lovely day.

Today I’m going to share with you how I store my open clay.


I got these storage cubes from Plasticland. They cost about R140 for 4×4 rows of drawers. So 15 little drawers per cube. The cubes slot into each other so you can build them into a wall of drawers.  I can’t find them on the website (and I’ve looked and looked) but I know the Plasticland in Centurion Lifestyle center has them because that’s where I got mine.

Each little draw can fit two blocks of clay, and once again I have them in Brand then color order.

I’ve got each draw labeled with the name of the clay too. The round colored sticker on each label tells me at a glance which brand of clay I’m reaching for.

In front of the stacked cubes is one of my old storage boxes. In there I keep my scrap clay separated by color.

I’m going to be making another box for different color eyes. I plan on making many eyes.

I’ve got one of those drawer sets (the ones on wheels) I plan on using that for my unopened clay. Just have to find another home for my bear making supplies first.


Hopefully this has given you some good ideas for your own clay storage.

Have a wonderful day,




Polymer Clay Color Recipe Box

Boy that’s a long title…


Hello, Lovely Crafties,

Its another Sunday and what a beautiful day it is.

Okay, so I don’t really know what kind of day it is. Because its Monday and two weeks before this post is going up, but we can pretend, right?

Today I’m going to be showing you a storage solution/idea for all those polymer clay color recipes we collect.

I’ve seen people use folders and notebooks and every other thing I can think of to save the recipes.

There are some brilliant ideas out there.

But I had an idea that would both be a space saver in storage, and an easy to flip through catalog of color recipes.

(No, that’s not a spelling mistake, that’s how we spell color here.)


Index Cards:

I know… They went out the window before VHS tapes did, but lets haul out and dust off this wonderful filing system because its perfect for a few different catalog needs.

As you can see this is a simple plastic “Bantex” index card holder. I put some vinyl lettering on it and used some Washi tape for colored accents.


I made some dividers by laminating black card stock, cutting it down to size then using scrap-booking paper to make the tabs.

I made the labels using the print and cut feature on my cameo.

I made main dividers to keep brands separate then I subdivided by color groups.


  • Black / White
  • Skin Tones
  • Browns
  • Pinks
  • Reds
  • Yellows
  • Oranges
  • Greens
  • Blues
  • Purples (which is my indigo and violet)

Then Fimo and so on  until I had dividers for all my brands of clay.


For the actual recipe cards I used bright index cards and printed and cut out labels on my cameo (again) The little color chip goes on the top right hand corner of the card.

I thought I was rather clever, but then I’m an organizing junkie.

Happy Crafting,







Cut File for Clay Lables

Happy Sunday, Crafties.


Yes its that time of the week again, another post from my craft blog. This week we are going to cover some more organization. Clay organization.

My beasty Athena told me just yesterday. “you’re organization at its best” and I had to laugh because I know I’m overly organized. My response to her.

“It makes me happy, like pink.”

I’ve ordered a selection of Premo polymer clay. Its not easy to find in SA, but the price is better than Fimo which is my favorite clay. I want to see if Premo can compare and become my new favorite.

As soon as I get my clay, the blocks are going to be removed from the packets and put into clear labeled baggies and then into a box.

Like I do with my others. This way I can instantly see colors but the brand, names and color numbers are also assessable.


But since its quiet a few block and I hate wasting label tape from my label maker.  I came up with a better solution.

I’ve got a box of full sheet sticker paper. This is the one I got Label Paper – Full Sheet

And I thought it might be fun to create labels using my Silhouette Cameo.


  1.  I started by drawing a rounded-rectangle in Silhouette Studio, the dimensions are in the image above this.


2.  Then I used the duplicate tab doing Column of Four and then Row of Four until I was happy with the amount.

3.  After that I went and used the text tool to type in all the info I wanted on the labels.

4.  Then I went and added registration marks.


5. I printed it out on my laser printer (onto the sticker paper)

6. Sent it to my cameo and did a kiss cut.

These are the settings I used.


7. I set my blade to 1 and let it cut.


Now here is the tricky part. Despite everything looking perfect and me aligning the sticker paper on the mat perfect. The first cut I did cut OVER some of the text.


I solved that by selecting all the text but not the boxes and moving it using the keyboard arrows down two and 1 left. After I adjusted it like that it work out perfectly.


You might have to do something similar to adjust it to your machine.


Now don’t worry, I’ve taken you through it step by step in case you want to do something similar but different.

But I’m going to be giving you the cut file too.

You can download it here CUT FILE

You will need win rar to open the file. Just google it and you should find it.

Have an awesome Sunday, crafties.




Polymer Clay Storage

Morning Crafties

Today I’m going to show you how I store my opened packets of clay.


These boxes can be bought at the Crazy Store (We have them all over South Africa) and they cost about R50 I remember when I could get the boxes for R20 (ah, the good old days)

I use these boxes for a lot of my craft supplies but they come in particularity handy with polymer clay.

I have 7 boxes for my clay and I used to mix all my brands and pack them by rainbow order

Box 1 is for my scrap clay, I like to keep my mixed colors separated, that way I can go back and use the little bits for accents and so on.


The muddy color you see in the left big rectangle contains all the bits that are really too small for anything and I use that to put through my pasta machine before I start putting the color I’m working on through. It takes all the black marks my rollers leave and cleans the rollers. A must have if you want clean clay.

ROY Gives Big IV‘s

R- Red

O- Orange

Y – Yellow





Starting with my whites, blacks, translucent, browns and skin tones in the first box.

Fancy clays like glitter, and glow in the dark in the last box

In between was the rest of the spectrum.

They are all in little zip-lock baggies that I buy at Herannies for R11 for 50 and each is label with the brand and color name and number. (gotta love my label maker)

But after my chewing-gum-clay experience I’ve separated them out. Still in rainbow order. Like I did it before, but this time all my Filani (and I have every color there is in the range) in one set of boxes

All my Fimo in their own set of boxes (i have quiet a few of those but need more) and the few Cernit and Premo blocks I have in the last box.

Now, all these boxes are fine and dandy,but they can be a bit of a pain when I have to lift three boxes to get to my greens

so what we are going to do is this.

My Saint-Husband is going to make a frame work for a draw set, (out of some old wood we have lying around the place) then I’m going to take the lids off the boxes and put them in the framework so they pull out with the long end facing me. That way I’ll be able to pull the “drawer” that contains the color I need and brand I need with no trouble at all and it can all fit on my polymer clay work desk.

I will post a picture once the project is done. Saint-Husband can be a bit slow getting to it then fish-wife has to nag a bit.

Have a crafty day,


Findings and how I store them

Morning Crafties,

We are finally getting some rain here, and its heavenly! I love the brooding dark skys!

Today I want to talk about my findings and how I store them.

Firstly, I have a finding obsession, if I see a new type I have to buy some and have some spare and have some spare of the spare. You know what I mean?

Its an OCD thing I’m sure. *Laughs*

This is how I store my findings:

20150829_124104 20150829_124117

I have two large boxes that I keep them all separate in. These findings are for my polymer clay, I don’t make jewelry. So this is all for charms and polymer clay items.

I buy my findings from the Oriental mall in Rooihuiskraal in Centurion. And I buy them in bulk whenever I can. What is in here is only part of it. My bulk items are stored in their packets in a drawer, and I know I’ll never run out.

The boxes (in case  you were wondering, were also bought from the Oriental mall, I payed only R40 per box. I wish I bought more.

Painting on Plastic

Hey all you Crafty folks,

 icecream dish

In my craft room I’m always looking for new storage ideas that aren’t going to mean I have to go out and buy special boxes and what-not. Especially and my small collection is growing bit by bit and I need more storage places in my craft room.

My family loves ice-cream, and in South Africa, we get them in 1L tubs. They are made out of sturdy plastic and I always wash and keep them for storing left-overs or food in.

The one thing I don’t like about them is that the labels aren’t paper on plastic but rather printed onto the tubs, and I don’t want them on there, so I’ve tried (without success) to paint over the labels using normal craft acrylic paints.

As many of you know, I’m a Pink-Fiend and I have the color all over my craft room. The tubs would be really gorgeous if I could paint over those labels in a pretty shade of pink.

But plastic seems to repel the paint. It starts to chip and flake as soon as it’s dry.

I found a way around that though.

I used my rough sanding block and I sanded the plastic dish. Giving the smooth surface some tooth and a place for the paint to stick to.

Then I used some pink black board paint and painted four layers. The paint isn’t very translucent but the labels on the dish are dark and I wanted to be sure they were covered.

By the time the paint dried (after the fourth layer) there was no sign of the labels and I now have somewhere to store my pretty serviettes I collect for art journaling.


I’m sure this has been done or before in some or other tutorial. But I thought I’d share it here if you hadn’t seen it or tried it. It might come in useful.

Happy Crafting


Blending Tool Idea

Morning Crafters,


Today I wanted to share a little something I did.

In South Africa, the kids started school last month again, so we were all in a mad dash to get them all the supplies they needed.

While shopping for my son I had to buy him a white board eraser, and it occurred to me that it would make a fantastic blending tool for distress inks. It’s got the wooden handle for nice grip and a thick durable piece of felt attached to the bottom.

I stored the idea away in the back of my mind and it got lost in the chaos that is my mental filing system.

Yesterday I was in the stationary store to buy a visual diary and I saw the white board eraser. Since they are inexpensive, under R10 for one, I grabbed a few.  To use with the start of my collection of distress inkpads.

I only have four minis so far, but I plan on getting more. I like the effects you can create with them.

This is what I did.

I took normal rectangular white labels.

Used the eraser to blend the color onto them.

Stuck the label to the top

And made a text label for the side with the color name on it.

There you have it. A cheap way to have a blending tool for all your favorite inks.

Instead of having to keep changing icky felt on just one tool.

Hope this helps someone out.

Happy Crafting.