A long ramble and 3D printing. YAY

Hi All of you Creatives.

For the last while, over a year, I have been getting to know my first love, Art, all over again and I’ve discovered a love for watercolors I never thought I’d have. I used to look down my nose at watercolors thinking that they were more meant for kids than real artists.

Hurmph…. I’ve come to discover how wrong I was. I adore watercolors I have a huge palette I’ve put together for my paintings. But I’ll tell you all about that another day. For now I want to talk about tiny.


One of my favorite artist is Stephanie Law. She works in watercolors and she has a tiny little pallet that I adore. She has a YouTube channel so if you are curious go have a look, you can see her palette in just about every one of her videos.

When I saw it I wanted one of those pallets and I wanted one bad. But I came to discover that they are porcelain and 3D printed then fired, with the result it would cost me the equivilent of R1000 to buy one and have it shipped here to South Africa.

I’m the first one to “waste” money on art supplies, but that amount of money on a 3 inch circular pallet — No, even I couldn’t justify that.

So I started looking for alternatives.

I tried making one in clay and it was a bit of a disaster. My poor Hubby felt so sorry for me that he told me that one of his friends had a new toy.

The friend in question had gotten a 3D printer. And hes said I gave him an idea of what I wanted he’d print it up for me and charge me.

Woot! I gave him drawings and basic sizes and he kept his word and created my little pallet.

ONE Added the book so you have an idea of the size.

This little guy is 10cm across.

Now, this one is made of plastic and the Hubs’ friend is going to make me a lid to keep the dust off the paint too.

I bought an inexpensive set of watercolor tubes (all my watercolors so far are pans) and I filled it in the way I wanted to


As you can see there is still lots of space for more colors. And whats more I can order more palettes and it costs me WAY less than what the porcelain ones would.

If you are interested in getting a pallet leave me a comment and I’ll get hold of and we can see if I could order more and send it off.

for now I’m happy.

I plan on replacing the cheep paints with my beloved Schminke and Daniel Smith as I save money and buy the tubes. But this little pallet will come in so handy when I’m working at my desk.

Well that’s it for today. What a mission to focus on writing when the boys are in the middle of a war on the PlayStation and apparently, at this moment, defusing game bombs.

Gabriel to Andre “Come on a and defuse it. If it blows up while I’m holding it I’m going to be upset.” ROFL!!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Hugs and Love




Hello All You Creatives. How about an Update?



Well it certainly has been a long time. I feel horrible for letting it go so long and I had been thinking I must get back to posting when I got a strange comment on my Instagram feed.

A lovely lady by the name of Kelly asked me when I’m going to be posting again.

Well you can all thank Kelly for the push because after reading that I knew there was no more procrastinating. I was going to go back to my (at least) once a week post on my blog.

Thanks Kelly 😉

The last time I posted was just before Inktober last year and I’m happy to say, not only did I stick with and thoroughly enjoy my first Inktober. But I finished as well!

In more new news. As of the beginning of January I now have a Youtube channel.

On the channel is mostly speed-paints or drawings with voice overs, but also a haul. There will be more haul videos as I collect more things but the channel is more geared toward my art and drawing and painting. Please come give it a look if you are interested.

Like a video or subscribe. Every click helps me build the channel and I get so much joy from sharing my creative endeavors. If I’m super lucky, I might inspire someone out there to pick up a paint brush and get some relaxing going on.

Genevieve C. H. P – the youtube channel 

On a personal note, the 11 of April was my 10 month no smoking anniversary! I’m over the moon I lasted this long.

Don’t be mistaken, if I could get away with it, I’d be puffing the magic drag-on until smoke floated past my eyeballs. I MISS my cigarettes (not condoning smoking children, its BAD for you. Yes, capital letters BAD)

You want proof? I nearly died. No, that’s not a hyperbole I’m not exaggerating.

Last June my lungs were so bad I ended up in the Emergency Room. I signed myself out AMA (againt medical advice) and I had good reason to I was NOT going to let them put me in a South African State hospital. (That is a story for another time)

I’d already quit smoking a week before, but only because my lungs literally wouldn’t let me draw the smoke in. (Being brutally honest here, people) I’m a life long asthmatic and I started smoking at 21. So I’d had a good 20 odd years to stuff my lungs up.

I had every intention of resuming my smoking once my lungs cleared up.

The doctor let me go (man was she ticked at me!) and I went home. The next morning the phone rang and since its in my mom’s room and my room is on the other end of the house I had to run to answer.

I never did get there in time.

And then the attack hit.

To say OMG here is not a cute exaggeration.

I could not get air into my lungs, they would NOT work. I was gasping and must have resembled a guppy on land but nothing was going in. For all intents and purposes I was not breathing.

The adrenaline was spiking through my body feeling like an electrical shock every half second. Worse than the static electricity shock you get when you drag your feet on a rug. Way worse, it was up my spine and on top of the not getting air in I was sure I was dying. And I was dying. I know that like I know my birth date. My world would start to grey then the adrenaline would hit again and jolt me like a set of paddles to the chest.

The only one at home with me was my 12 year old son and he was no where near. I had no air so I had no voice. I couldn’t call for help. I made to my bedroom and the nebulizer I have plugged in next to my bed. I fumbled my way through the ampules of meds and managed to get one open and into the machine.

On went the switch and I was standing  (because sitting seemed to make it even more difficult to get my lungs to work) and sucking in little sips of air… not that much was going in but the meds must have been going in a little because eventually (it felt like light years) my lungs started to work again.

Through all of this my mind was running a mile a minute and I was thinking my son was going to find me dead, he wouldn’t know what to do, there was no one home. And that kept me alive. I was NOT going to traumatize Gabriel like that.

The attack eased and I was able to breath again. Other than thinking my son was going to find me dead I was making the mandatory deals with which ever deity was listening. “Keep me alive and I promise I’ll never touch a cigarette again.”

And I haven’t yet, despite the fact that both my hubby and my mom smoke. I haven’t gone near another cigarette and I never will. I’ve had a few trauma’s in my life but this one has left me with a phobia of not being able to breath. So, no smokes for me.

Wow, that got serious. *blinks*

The point is kiddies and grown kiddies. If you can quit. Do it while your ahead. 😉

Okay, enough yammering.

I’ll be back on Sunday with an actual art or craft post. NO more TMI for you guys.

Have a great one,



After 10 months of no smoking I’m happy to say my lungs are almost healthy (because of my asthma they will never be normal)  I was going through 2 asthma inhalers a week, now I only need a new one after about 4 months. That is way better and my attacks are very mild when they do come.


I’m looking for a full time studio Security guard… No not really.

12991670321607167707security guard-hi


Okay, now that you all think I’ve utterly lost the plot. Let me explain my little joke.

About a year ago, my daughter who was turning sixteen at the time started showing an interest in Anime and more importantly in drawing it.

I’m no art snob. Art is art. (If they can call a blob of paint on a canvas art then anime is art too)

I feel as long as you are creating and loving what you are doing then you are an artist!  And naturally I was uber proud, my little girl is loving what her mommy loves. Art!

Anyway, I digress, Willo (pronounced Willow) started doing anime, but at first, she was tracing all her drawings.

Again, this didn’t bother me, because I’ve heard that tracing is a great way to teach your hand and eye to see things as they really are.

I wish someone had taught me that tidbit when I was learning. I spent many flopped drawings free-handing before I eventually got the hang of the hand eye thing.

Back to the story – Willo spent a while doing everything via tracing then she inherited a sketch book out my studio that was A3 (I don’t like working that big) and for some reason she decided she was ready to free-hand.

I was gob-smacked at the results.

Not only does she sketch at lightning speed, but her accuracy is astounding for someone who for all intents and purposes is a beginner!

And she’s a drawing fiend, she’s already nearly filled that sketch book and inherited another out my studio.

(And that was the important part of this rambling post. That Tracing is a great way to learn to draw)

She’s also claimed some of my cheaper art supplies, like my spectrum noir color pencils. I had all five sets, and although they are good for crafters, they are horrible for fine art. So Willo got those too. I’m happy to hand over the supplies I don’t use to encourage her to keep going.


Now I’ll tell you why I need the security guard….

Willo needed black color pencil so I gave her my spare black polycromos.


She discovered the difference between epic art supplies and mediocre art supplies.

To keep her from raiding my Polychromos drawers I gave her my set of 24 Drewent Drawing color pencils….

Oh boy… She’s hell on color pencils. She’s burning through them and eyeing the door to my studio with wicked intent.

And she’s complaining about the paper in the second sketch book.

*considers buying a lock for art supply cupboard*



Now do you see why I need a security guard?!?


Have a lovely Sunday, dear-ones





My Descent into Crafting Mad…erm… goodness

Those of you who read (or have read my past blog posts) will know that I’ve always been a crafter, but my newest obsession started when I saw a Cuttlebug on a web page I was surfing and got intrigued.

I’m a bit of a geek (who am I trying to kid, I’m a huge geek) and it was a tool! Something used to make something else so it got my attention.

After some thought I went to my local craft store and bought the Cuttlebug.

Okay so it comes with a free embossing folder (and some papers) and that is nifty, but I wanna see how these die things work.

Went out and got my first die, but wait, I need a c-plate adapter to make this work properly, so I have to go shop for that.

By this time (after my hubby had stumbled on her channel by accident on youtube—something I’m sure he will regret eternally) I was watching all Jennifer McGuire’s organizational videos, and ooooh the stash she had. Made my little heart go pitter patter, not to mention that I inherited my dad’s need to get everything organized perfectly and her way of doing it had me rearranging my office (which was turning into a craft room in front of my eyes)

So off to shop for the c-plate adaptor for my lonely die. (need more of those too)

But wait!

Didn’t Jennifer make the most beautiful cards with stamps?

Okay, so now I need stamps and ink-pads, oh and blenders, and isn’t washi tape all the rage?  I know I love the patterns.  Ooooh I need some embellishments too, and more card stock!

Can’t go without a heat tool and a paper trimmer.


So I’m loving the dies, and I want more, but I want to be able to make my own custom cuts since I’ve always been an artist and it can’t be so hard to design these things.

I know! I want a Silhouette Cameo (my hubby is grateful that I haven’t bought one of those yet, but it’s on the list!)

Then I discovered Lindsay, and now I’m into the coloring too and the art journaling and and and.

*laughs* The Descent continues and I’m happy to follow the road down to crafting bliss…

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has gotten sucked in, and is happy to be sucked in to the paper crafting world.

There is just so much crafty goodness and cute things to add to collections.

Happy Crafting



So Hot!

Hello Friends, and Fellow Crafters,

I’m going to tell you a story today. One that will (hopefully) make you giggle a little at how dense this crafter can be at times.

Maybe I should be nice, and call myself airheaded instead, but it was a doozy.

Fixion Pens by Pilot:


Oh what a joy, I can do my to-do lists and if something changes or I need to move something to another list.  I just flip it over use the little eraser and the ink is gone.


So, as you can see I have quite a few of the pens and highlighters too. I use them every day in my day planner.

Yesterday I got some glimmer mists and I thought I’d test them out. Just on my day planner page, give it some color and see how they work.

(They work great) But then I sat with a wet page.

So I grabbed my heat gun to heat-set the page so I could close my planner. A few minutes later the page was dry and I looked down at it,*a frown creased my brow* something was off about the page. Then I realized.


All my to-do lists had mysteriously vanished.

Had the mister reacted with the ink in some way?

No, it was much simpler than that.

*A pause for dramatic effect and so you can realize how dumb I was*

Frixion pens – remove by friction. Which is HEAT!

DUH Genevieve!

Yes, you can laugh, I don’t mind, I’m still laughing at me.

Happy Crafting


Chit chat and a quick idea:

Good Morning my friends and fellow crafters!

Happy Tuesday, at least we got Monday out the way.

I’ve been quiet. Not because I don’t have much to say (goodness knows I get told to shut-it, by the hubby often enough *laughs*)

I’ve been quiet because I’m on the last mad dash of my current novel, and because my office looks like we’ve had guerillas fighting a war in it.

As I said before I’ve annexed the unused dining room for my sewing room, so half my office stuff is in there and half is here and I’m trying to figure out how to put everything together.

Once I’m done and happy with it, I might post a small video tour. That’s if anyone can understand my South African accent. *laughs*

Now for the quick tip;

A while ago, I started collecting the tiny rhinestones that you put on your nails. Now I find I can’t use them. (other than my nails, which I’m too lazy to sit and do)  Or so I thought


It occurred to me they would make fantastic tiny embellishments  for cards or my art journal (yes I went and got me one, and I’m going to love every minute of it)

My husband made me this stand in his workshop and I painted it pink (yep, pink – Genevieve is gaga for pink) And I found the little pie dishes they come in fit on the dowels perfectly. Here is a picture.


So another use for something I didn’t think I would use again, and you can buy them really inexpensively at some stores. In south Africa its usually those stores that import from China. They cost like R10 or R20 (the equivalent of a dollar or two)   We all know that crafting can get pricy so this might be a good way to get that extra bang for your koedoe (type of buck *laughs)

Gracious, if I sit her much longer the guerillas are going to start a new conflict that my Yorkies and my Pekingese will help in and I’ll be further behind than I was.

Happy Crafting


Chit Chat Friday

Hello Lovely Crafters!

Another Friday and I have a weekend of Crafting ahead of  me YAY! I’ve done my writing for the week so I can relax, watch my favorite Lindsay (The Frugal Crafter) vids and craft till my little heart pumps chocolate.

I’ve been spending my evening working on a crochet knee blanket for my wonderful baby sister. Winter will be coming South Africa soon (The sooner the better IMHO) and watching all of The Frugal Crafter vids. I have learned so much from Lindsay, and her sense of humor has me giggling more often than not.

So I highly recommend you go watch her tutorials and videos.

Here is a link to her YouTube channel.

I want to try some coloring this weekend, so I’m going to see how that turns out, will keep you updated. I got a set of Inktense pencils and currently I’m wanting some Spectrum Noirs.

Oh, oh, oh! Before I forget. I’ve got a Teresa Collins – Stampmaker on order from Scrap-a-doodles. I should be getting it next week some time. As soon as I’ve tried it out I will let you all know what I think, but I’m sure you can tell I’m really excited about it!

Have a great day Crafters