Puff the baby dragon – Mohair bear kit – PART ONE – Prepping the pattern.


Hello Crafties,

I promised you that I would be doing a teddy-bear kit in more depth, and in order to do that I need to do it in several parts, else it will be too long.

So here is part one.

My Beasty, Athena, saw this kit when I bought myself one, and fell in love, its both purple (her favorite color) and a dragon. So I bought an extra kit from Honeydew bears.

If you do buy the kit from Michelle, just let her you read about the kit on this blog.

Here is the page Puff is on PUFF the baby Dragon

Let’s get started:


In the kit you get~

  • The photo of Puff the dragon on pretty mauve paper.
  • A complete and detailed instruction sheet (Even if you know nothing about bear making this will take you through the process step by step and Michelle’s instructions are awesome.
  • Three sheets with the pattern on it.
  • All the fabric you need
  • All the joints you need
  • The eyes
  • Eyelashes
  • Wings. (Note: In order to make the kit affordable Michelle put paper wings in the kit – not something l like but understandable- however, she also added the pattern for the wings and a bigger pattern for the wings so that we can cut the wings from other fabric, she also gives some suggestions on what to add or do to the wings to make them work better.)
  • Black thread for the nose.

What you need to have in your stash:

  • General sewing supplies
  • Scissors (small sharp pointed ones for cutting fabric and paper scissors)
  • Sewing cotton in the right colors,
  • Strong thread for closing the neck.
  • Plushy stuffing
  • Optional : Stuffing tool (I usually end up using my fingers haha)
  • Tools to tie in the bolts.
  • Optional: Laminator, and Laminator pockets.


The first thing you want to do is take your pattern pages. There are a few ways you can prep them for working, and I’ll list them.

  • You can past them onto “chipboard” like a cereal box, or thick card stock and cut them out from there.
  • You can laminate the pages like I did. Every craft room can benefit from a lamainator. Its something I bought on a whim and I’m sooooo glad I did.
  • The third way is kinda epic too. If you have any old x-rays lying around. Wash them in a combination of bleach and hot water. The “ink” will come off leaving a dark blue but transparent plastic sheet. That you can then put over your pattern sheets and trace off of. Use a sharpie or any fine tip permanent marker.

I used to use the last method before I had a laminator. I find the plastic keeps your pattern pieces stable for future use. I loved it, till yesterday when I was hunting high and low for my box of x-rays.  A nurse friend of mine got them for me, and I’ve put them away so well I can’t find them. That’s when I thought of lamaintaing the pattern pages.


Okay, you can see my laminator, not very expensive but its A3 and I adore the thing. I put it on and I’m waiting for it to heat up. You can see the plastic pocket on the side. Its A4 the size of the pattern sheets.


I put the whole sheet in the pocket without cutting it up yet.


And here are all three sheets laminated and ready for the next stage:


Now take the pieces and fussy cut them out, do NOT leave a border around them.


For the next step I use an inexpensive office punch. You can use an awl as well. If you do use an office punch make sure you center it over the joint mark and when you transfer the pattern to the fabric only draw a small dot in the center.


And that is it. That is how you prep your pattern for transfer.

In part two we’ll talk about how you cut out your pieces.

Have a great one,



Roxy Bear

Hi Crafties,

At some point I will be doing an in depth bear making tutorial. But for now I’m going to share the bear I just completed.

She came in a kit from Honeydew Bears.

Her name is Roxy and she is a fully-jointed 29cm bear. The fabric is mohair.

She was fun to make but a little tricky too.

I had to use my copic airbrushing system to do the color on her eyes and I’m not used to it, so she ended up being darker around the eyes than she should have been. However, I think she came out awesome, and now she has a loving place on my shelf.

Not for long, mind you, my mother has already claimed her *rolls eyes*