Week 7 Art Journal Prompt Entry

Hi Crafty Folk,

Week 7 of our Art Journal prompt was “Princess” and I really enjoyed this one.

I use my art journal to practice new techniques or test out ideas. I do not use it as a fine art place. I have another portfolio for those pieces.

I really enjoyed this weeks prompt. I got my idea by accident. I’d used acrylic gel medium and serviettes to create a background (testing out the idea) the day before Athena came up with the princess prompt. And when she did I realized my background would be perfect for the prompt.

I found a coloring book image of an elven  princess and my original idea was to color the image with my spectrum noir pencils.

You read right! I’m getting the whole range of spectrum noir pencils. But they will only be here about Tuesday. So I went to plan B.

I took out my set of 12 Inktense pencils (I really need a bigger set) and used them for the first time.

Now, you have to understand, I’ve been an acrylic artist my whole life, that or graphite. I was never fond of water medium. I know now–only because I never gave it a fair chance.

Now I’m keen to try water medium and airbrushing.

Really dying to get good with an airbrush. So there will be a lot of work as I learn how to do it.

Back to the point. I used my Inktense pencils and a water-brush. Oh my giddy aunt. Do I LOVE inktense pencils! A touch of color and you have bright vibrant colors! Epic.

As I said before:

The background was made using a napkin (serviette) and gel medium, then I watered down my DIY-gesso and put a wash of that over it.

The elven princes was a coloring book image found on line-printed out then worked with my inktense pencils and water-brush.

The wording “Inside Every Woman is an Elven Princess” is done with an alpha clear stamp set I have then I just added a shadow and used a dragonfly stamp too (I adore dragonflies)

I hope you all like it as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Looking forward to some cool Art Journal prompt entries from the others.

Happy Crafting,



Week 5 and 6 Art Journal Entry

Hi Crafties,

So, as you know, I was sick for the last two weeks. But this week I’m back and I spent the day putting my art journal page together.

I played and experimented, and I like how it turned out, though I feel I need more practice with the texture paste, and I suspect my hearts stencil was just too big.

A little tip I did discover.

I bought a Derwent burnishing pencil and blending pencil, they came in a blister pack of two of each and an eraser and sharpener. I thought I’d test them out with this project and I can say…. AWESOME. The blending pencil will take one color laid down and blend it out to its lightest shade. Its gorgeous. It will take two colors next to each other and blend them perfectly, it even eases out the dreaded pencil lines. Extra cool? The blender even blends kiddies color pencils, the cheep ones my kids use for school.


Well worth the investment. The burnishing pencil I want to play with a bit more before I give my verdict.

Now for my page.

I stamped out an image “The Runaway” from Santoro’s Gorjuss range. Just love this image, and added some heart stamps around her then I free handed the text and the big heart.

I used a combination of my Derwents (because I need more colors) and my cheepy kiddies pencils to color in the image and the blending pencil from Derwent to blend it all.

Then I masked the image with a piece of paper and some micropore tape and used a heart stencil and some home made texture paste (that I put a little pink acrylic in)

Like I said before I think the stencil was a bit too big so I’m not overfond of how that came out, but part of the idea was to practice the technique and learn from it. Mission accomplished

So here is my page!

I hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I enjoyed making it.


Week 4 – Art Journal Page – Being Creative is not a hobby it’s a way of life.

Hello Crafty Folk,

Let me premise this rather horrible journal page with a chuckle and the admission that I’ve been as sick as a dog and in bed most of the week with bronchitis.

So even though I think my concept was pretty clever, my execution needs a lot of work, but I’m reminding myself that not every page will be up to my expectations and this one is one of them.

Holding a brush steady when you are shaking turned out to be a bit of a feat. (One I failed)

Enough excuses, I’m proud that I lifted my skirts and did the page even though I’m feeling like dog-food that has been chewed over.

I’m looking forward to seeing who does what this week!

Here is my entry:


For those of you who can’t see the little text box reads:

From the dawn of human memory. Our Ancestors saw pictures in the stars.

(Then the quote for the week)

Being Creative is not a hobby it’s a way of life.

Happy Crafting!


Week Three’s Art Journal Pages – Life is a Garden… Dig it ~ Joe Dirt

Hi Crafty Folk,

It’s Sunday and time to post this week’s art Journal pages. Again, sadly, only Athena and I, but I’m hoping as the weeks progress you will feel like you can join in the fun. Either way, we are enjoying it and we won’t be stopping.

This coming week is Athena’s choice of saying. You can find it here.

Without further ado here is this week’s pages.

Athena’s :




We both did a bit of a zen tangle to get the hang of it, I know I will be trying the technique again at some point.

And keep an eye on my blog for the next week I have a few posts lined up, but today I’m in zombie mode since I only went to bed at 4am and my brain is currently the consistency of luke warm custard. *laughs*

Happy crafting,


Lord Soth’s Song – Art Journal Page

Hi all you crafty people,

I hope you are having a fantastic Saturday. I’m looking forward to autumn (fall) because last night at 8:30 it was 31c and I’m so sick of the heat.

On to my post. On my last Art Journal post I told you about my love for Poe, and shortly after discovering him I found Dragonlance.

Fantasy I loved deeply, and one of my favorite characters was Raistlin, probably because he was so torn and dark and twisty.

But Lord Soth (The knight of the Rose) made an impression too, and the poem I’ve chosen to journal comes from the Dragonlance series.

It’s very gothic horror and well… Dark and Twisty.

Lord Soths Song

I did Lord Soth with my Derwent pencils on separate paper, (my poor pencils! I’m going to have to get an art patron to buy me more ROFL) and gessoed the page then did the background on there, using a combination of spray inks, inks, water based markers and acrylic paint. Yep, I really multimedia-ed it. (I’m making words up again)

If you are wondering about the blood drops on the rose. I used a little trick. I did the drops in markers so the color would be brighter then I used some Glossy Accents on it. That’s how I got the 3D effect.

I hope you enjoyed my little art piece. I know I enjoyed sitting coloring last night while I watched TV.

See you soon,

Happy Crafting,


Quoth The Raven…

Good Afternoon, my favorite Creative Types.

I learned something this week. My color pencils do not work well on gessoed art journal pages. If I want to color I have to work on an ungessoed (wow making up new words all over the place) surface.

So my raven girl was a bit of a (how would my beasty put it) Belly Flop!

I managed to rescue her by working with my water based markers and my water brush, then I went in with a fine liner pen. No fancy nifty markers for me (those are still on my wish list) these are the kids back to school markers you buy from the grocery store.

I’d say she came out pretty awesome considering the color pencil failure.

Why did I chose this quote? 

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth in 1987 and hair-styles were bigger than T-Rex.  I was in my last year of primary school we were sent to veldschool. Its something like summer camp and boot camp combined and its done in the fall so I ended up getting double pneumonia as well as being tortured for a week (what makes you think I hated veldschool?)

When I got home, the doctor took one look at me and chucked me in hospital for a week where they did lung therapy to get the gunk out my lungs, but it had the horrendous side-effect of giving me a migraine that lasted most of the week.

Second week of hell.

To cheer me up my mom asked me what gift I wanted and I told her (migraine or no) I wanted a sci-fi novel, any sci-fi novel. Yes, I was a registered book worm even back then. But my mom (who read westerns exclusively) didn’t really have a clue what a sci-fi was.

So a day later she arrives at visiting hour with a door stop sized book.

Edgar Allan Poe
The Complete Tales of Mystery and Imagination – The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym – The Raven and Other Poems.

Gothic horror!?!?!? Further from Sci-fi you could not get.

But I persevered and I fell in love and I have loved Poe ever since. Especially his poems. My all time favorite is “Alone”

It stood to reason that the second page in my art journal should be my version of an ode to my favorite poet.