Finally, Someone who gets the Good Stuff into the Country

Happy Sunday, Arts and Crafties.


You know how I’m always on the lookout for things that are hard to find in SA.

You know the frustration.

You’ve just watched an epic youtube vid where an equally epic (and let’s say American) youtuber has reviewed a new product and you just have to have it because the effects it can create are, well… epic.

With anticipation you head for Google and type the product in with the obligatory za or South Africa at the end. Holding your breath as Google lets you know where in SA you can buy it.

What do you get…


Or The stupid site (not mentioning a name) that charges six to ten time what the product costs and somehow manages to stay up and running

Don’t worry Arfties (lookit I made ANOTHER new word)

I’ve found a site in South Africa that is pretty awesome with getting the things you struggle to find here.

Everything from Crafting and Paper Crafting to Art supplies.

The site stocks practically (if not) all the polyform clays and things like Prismacolor color pencils (I prefer polychromos but other prefer Prismacolor)

So If you want something and you know google is going to probably draw a fat blank, go directly to


See the Can you hear the choirs of angels singing, Arfties?

I’ve been keeping this splendid secret for a while now and I can tell you I shop there at least every other month.

Just this last month they had 50% off on all their polyform clay.

Muwhahahaha, I got a lot of clay.


Enough messing around. If you are looking for great service, comparable prices and a wide range of hard to find items Stencil art is the place to go.


And no I’m not being paid for this post. Everything I’m saying is my own opinion.

Have a arfty Sunday.



Heat Set Paints

Happy Sunday, Crafties


Today I’m going to share a trick I learned from another (fantastic) clay artist.

You can find her video here.

But I’ve changed how I’ve done it.


With this technique you can make your own set of heat-set paints, in any colour you can imagine.


What you need:


  • Clay – Any brand it doesn’t matter. I used a Filini because its too soft to sculpt with and I have the full color range.
  • Clay softener – Here you can easily substitute the softener wit baby oil and that is what I did.
  • A food (onion) chopper: It makes life a lot easier. (Don’t use your kitchen one)
  • A grater: Small one that you do not use in the kitchen.
  • Pill dispenser box





  1. Grate the colour of clay you want to use into a small bowl.
  2. Put the grated clay into the chopper’s bowl
  3. 20160709_111912
  4. Add baby oil until its nice and shiny. You can always add more so start with a little and add more as you need to.
  5. Start chopping at the clay and that will mix it.
  6. You can smooth it out even more by mixing with a spoon once the chopper doesn’t help any more.
  7. Work it until it is as smooth as you can get it.
  8. Put your heat set paint into a pill dispenser box or little bottle


Now its ready to be used whenever you want to paint your clay creations

Its wonderfully translucent so it works beautifully for blush and skin coloring.


Happy Crafting!


Some News and Great things for your studio.

Happy Sunday Crafties.

Today’s post is a small one.


I’m sharing a picture of my polymer clay work desk. Why?

Did you notice the little camera on the tripod to the right of the photo. Yes, crafties, I’m going to try my hand and doing you tube videos. Mostly tutorials and clay things but sometimes other things too.

Right now I’m testing out the best angle for recording that shows what I’m doing but also allows me space to work.

I’ve had my little digital camera for years, but I hardly used it because we mostly use our cellphone cameras for photos. But I dug it out this week, got a power adapter (so I don’t have to spend a fortune on batteries) and a little tripod.

My hubby bought me a 16 gb memory card yesterday so I’m set. Lets hope I can actually do this. I’m notoriously camera shy.

But I’m going to give it a try, I’m going to call the channel “A Work of Heart”

its the name I use when I sell my finished products.


While I’m sharing I wanted to tell you all about this:


I’m sure those of you who are hard-core clayers have seen the new fandangled kneading machine on the market. I’m not going to mention names but you should know what I’m talking about.

I saw one and wanted it Sooooooo bad (note the capital S) I have problems with my hands and kneading clay is painful at times, especially the extra crumbly and hard fimo. So getting one of them would have been prayers answered. But, sadly, because I’m in South Africa it would have cost me a couple of grand to get here. I don’t have the money. So I asked the saint I married if he could make me something similar.

Saint-hubby took one look at the picture of the kneading machine and said.

“That is an arbour press.”

To which I answered. “A what now?”

He went on to tell me its a modified arbour press and that he could easily make the plates I needed to knead the clay.

I looked around and found a 1 ton arbour press at Adendorff for R800. So I bought it, spray painted it pink and Saint-hubby did the plates for me.

A LOT cheaper than trying to import it.

Plus I put magnets on it and that’s where I keep my clay blades, the little basket on the top was something like R12 and I keep my heat gun and my hairdryer in it, both tools I use at my clay desk all the time.

My verdict?

I frigging love it! My hands take so much less strain and I can work the clay without my fingers locking up. Every clayer should have something like this in their studio.


One last find that I adore. I was in @home at Irene village mall and I saw a cutting board. Not only is it smooth glass, its a good size and it has kitchen conversions all over it.


and rulers in cm and inches. It was only R200 and as a work surface is ideal. So if you have an @home near you go see for one, you wont regret it.

That’s it for today, Crafties. I hope you will join me on my new channel once I get it up and going (more information to follow on that)

Have a crafty day,






Awesome company

Morning Crafties,

I know its Friday, not Sunday and this post isn’t craft related, but since we live in SA the land of creepy crawlies, I thought I’d share a fantastic company I’ve discovered.

Eco-smart Pest Control. We had a problem with ticks and flees when we moved in to the new place and not the harmless gray ones either. Those nasty red ones that can make you very sick if you get bitten.

They sorted it all out for us. So if you are having an issue with anything from Ants to rats get hold of these guys. I can tell you they will get it sorted out. They are professional and prompt and I can only say good things about this company.

Here is the website. The “contact us” page as all their social media links too. So go have a look see.

Eco-Smart Pest 


Till Sunday Crafties.


Honor has not been murdered by commercialism


Hi Crafties,

Strange title, yes? Yes.

Let me tell you a story.

I’ve been wanting a the full range of Spectrum Noir pencils for a while now, so I’ve been hunting for a good price in our (South African) online stores.

I was blown away when I found a site that had the pencils for R240 a set. This is compared to most of the others who are closer to R400 a set. I’m rounding up but you get the idea, right?

So I kept an eye on the site and the prices didn’t change and when I had the money, I ordered all five sets. Paid for them in minutes and was flying with happy excitement.

There is no way I could have ordered all five sets at the prices for the other stores, and added to this, according to Swirls and Twirls pages (thats the site btw) they had three in stock of each set.

You all know how excitable I can get, this was me on an even more hyper excited level.

This was the Friday.

Monday morning comes and I check my email, there is one from Swirls and Twirls.

I’m not going to paste it, I’ll just break it down.

The suppliers had upped the prices of the pencils without informing Swirls and Twirls and the price was now R369 per tin of pencils, they were prepared to give me discount of 30 per tin but I had to pay in an extra R500 or I could have my money back.


I was NOT happy. Not only did I not have the money but I didn’t think it was fair.

I went and looked up our consumer laws and they were in my favor. So I wrote an email back explaining that I’d bought and paid for the pencils at a price and that my money had been accepted and I should get what I paid for, for what I paid for it. Also that it is not the consumers responsibility to keep up and query prices.

As I said before I’d been watching the price for a while, I didn’t just see and buy. I waited.

I was expecting an argument and full out war, because I don’t back down when I’m in the right, but when I got the email back from the lady at Swirls and Twirls I was amazed.

She explained that she would be taking a loss but was happy to do so if she could keep my good will as a customer.

Now that is honor. She could have carried on arguing (even if the law is in my favor, most south african’s wouldn’t even realize that) we could have started an email war. It could have gone pear shaped in so many ways, but it didn’t.

All because an online site, and its owner had the honesty and the grit to do the right thing!

Now, not only does she have my good-will as a customer. I will shop at her store over and over because she’s earned my loyalty, and I will share this article so you all can see that there are good people who do the right thing in the world.

You can find Swirls and Twirls here.

If you are South African and you are looking for great honest service. Shop with this site.

I will add, they do coupon codes too! (Which made me very happy) and after I asked that my pencils be packed carefully to avoid breakage, Alida (the wonderful lady in question) packed them up better than any packaging I’ve ever received and I shop online a lot.


Thanks for reading Crafties, and I hope you go and have a look at Swirls and Twirls.