Heat Set Paints

Happy Sunday, Crafties


Today I’m going to share a trick I learned from another (fantastic) clay artist.

You can find her video here.

But I’ve changed how I’ve done it.


With this technique you can make your own set of heat-set paints, in any colour you can imagine.


What you need:


  • Clay – Any brand it doesn’t matter. I used a Filini because its too soft to sculpt with and I have the full color range.
  • Clay softener – Here you can easily substitute the softener wit baby oil and that is what I did.
  • A food (onion) chopper: It makes life a lot easier. (Don’t use your kitchen one)
  • A grater: Small one that you do not use in the kitchen.
  • Pill dispenser box





  1. Grate the colour of clay you want to use into a small bowl.
  2. Put the grated clay into the chopper’s bowl
  3. 20160709_111912
  4. Add baby oil until its nice and shiny. You can always add more so start with a little and add more as you need to.
  5. Start chopping at the clay and that will mix it.
  6. You can smooth it out even more by mixing with a spoon once the chopper doesn’t help any more.
  7. Work it until it is as smooth as you can get it.
  8. Put your heat set paint into a pill dispenser box or little bottle


Now its ready to be used whenever you want to paint your clay creations

Its wonderfully translucent so it works beautifully for blush and skin coloring.


Happy Crafting!



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