Polymer Clay Work Desk

Craft Room

Happy Sunday, Crafties!

I hope you are having a great day so far. I wanted to share one of my favorite places in my CROWS Room with you. My Polymer Clay work area.

This is currently and probably will be for a long time, one of my favorite crafts.

I don’t know if its because of years of drawing but I seem to have a knack for sculpting or if not a knack, then a great enjoyment for it.

So I thought I’d share photos of my area and how I have it set up.

From Right to Left:

Desk Right

Chalk Board: I use this to write down what ever project I have in mind to do next. Right now it should read Baroque Mini, but I haven’t written it down yet.

UV Light: This I have from my attempted nail days. (I truly suck at that btw) and I now use it when I make eyes for my creation. I use UV resin or UV nail top coat to get the high gloss finish on my eyes.

Scrap Clay box: Is exactly what it says. I like to keep my scraps separated by color so this box makes it easier.

Pasta Machine: My other one died… and I almost panicked. I can’t live without a pasta machine.

Eye Box: This is where I keep my premade eyeballs and backed iris canes.

Drawer set with Clay and Findings: One of my favorite things. In this set I have Premo/Femo/Souffle all sorted by color and labeled with a sticker color so I know immediately which clay I want to reach for.  I also have a few drawers with findings in them.

Camera: Is for when I get around to trying to film those you tube tutorials.

Toothpicks: No polymer clay artist will be caught dead without a good supply of these. They are far more useful than you’d think

Vasaline: I use this like a clay softener, but instead of softening all the clay I smooth with it. More on that later.

I have some head pins handy for charms, some que-tips for cleaning up and a spritzer of water for all kinds of uses.


Food Processor: Well actually it was a blender but it came with a grinding attachment which I use to chop up clay

Hand Lotion: Is a must you will not regret getting some, for some reason it a) prevents the clay color from sticking to your hands too badly and b) makes the clay more workable.

Basket: In this I keep my template for circles my acrylic blocks my calculator and a few other odds

Abour Press: I’ve spoken about this before. I can’t live without it.

Tools for sculpting: more on that later.


Basket on Press: In here I have a comb as you can see and my heat gun and hair dryer, all things I use a lot

I also use my Abour press with magnets all over it to attach little things that are metallic. Makes handy storage

sculpting tools

Sculpting brushes: These are plain painting brushes that I use (dragged through Vaseline) to smooth the clay after I’ve worked it. You can remove marks and fingerprints. It takes more work than you’d think but you can get gorgeous results.

Made tools: Mostly from knitting needles and sewing needles I’ve made a lot of tools that I use daily.

Silicone sculptors: I prefer these to the rubber ones, and use them all the tie.

Nail art glue: Its super glue, the kind you use to attach a nail tip to your fingernail. Stuff is tough as nails (haha punny) and it comes with a brush applicator.

Liquid clay: I have a few types I shove in there

Ball tool: And dotting tools I put them all in there too. At the back are my rollers I have a few of those too.

And there you have it. My work desk for Polymer clay.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Have a great one



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