Baby Dragons

Happy Sunday, Crafties.

Its been a crazy couple of weeks for me, but I managed to find time for some claying.

I have to admit — although I’m a fan of any craft– I have my favorites. And polymer clay sculpting is becoming my top one.

Its scary to try and envision something that you want to create.

Frustrating to remember that you aren’t a master and as you are still learning you should stick to the basics.

But such a rush when you succeed in what you wanted to do.


I found these little treasure chests at Herannies (a craft store near me) and bought a few. They are very inexpensive the most expensive of them was R12.50.

When I saw them the first thing that popped into my head was Dragons!!!


So I set about creating some baby dragons to fit onto the boxes. Since then the next thing that popped into my head was Fairy’s and Mermaids so those will come soon

But for now here are my dragons.

Green baby first:


Then I did a purple baby, and she’s holding on to her teddy-bear.

Purple dragon


Then I did a red dragon.

All three of these babies have a home with my friend in the states. They have already been mailed off. She should be getting them soon.


Even the eyes are made by me on the purple and red dragon. I’m so proud of how they came out.

Needless to say I went and bought some more little treasure chests and I will be making more little sculptures soon.

Have a crafty day,



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