Polymer Clay Tools – Make your own.

Happy Sunday, Crafties


Today I’m going to explain how I modified a pair of 10mm knitting into some nifty polymer clay tools. 

I saw this pair of knitting needles at a local store and they were pretty reasonably priced at R30 for the pair.

What caught my eye was the swirl pattern. It matches the patterns in my dotting tools


And I thought having more tools with the lovely swirl in them would be fun. Plus any clayer knows that knitting needles make fantastic polymer clay tools.

So I bought a pair in the biggest size.

I used my pipe cutter to cut the back and tip off of one needle, before I remembered I’d gotten a gorgeous Dremel rotary tool for Christmas and I was making it harder on my self to try and cut through the perspex of the needle with the pipe tool.

Now you have to know, I’m still nervous when using the Dremel, its out of my comfort zone but I’m determined to learn how to use it.

So I put in the little cutting disk and melted through the acrylic like butter.

Sharp — flying butter. A shard hit my eye and I’m lucky it didn’t do any real damage.

(I get the Darwin award of the day)


Other than that little mishap the rest worked like a charm.

I made my own little rolling pin:


and with the other needle I made a shorter rolling pin and a blending tool. The tip of a KN will blend and roll beautifully in clay. So getting these needles in a few different sizes and modifying the will be on my to-do list.


Oh and investing in safety goggles.

I used the Dremel to sand down the edges and a buffing tool to make it all nice and polished.

All of this can be done with a hacksaw – sanding paper and a soft cloth. No Dremel necessary.




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