Mini Haul

Happy Sunday Crafties.

This morning I’m going to be sharing a mini haul with you.


I’m slowly stocking up on supplies for my polymer clay sculpting.

My end goal is to be to able to do whatever technique my little heart desires when it comes to polymer clay.

I have the duel goal of being able to sculpt really beautiful creations at an expert level too.

A big goal but not unattainable. I believe my ability to work on a 2D scale gives me a little advantage when it comes to seeing how shapes fit on a 3D scale.

In my haul I got:

3D puffy paints (mostly for detailing on wings, but I know they will come in handy all over) and I plan on getting more colors soon.

Strong round magnets: I use these on the tins that hold my tools. They are great for sticking my clay blades to. Easy to reach but out of harms way.

I have an obsession with glitter. If its shiny and colorful I want it in my stash. So glitter paints was really the next step. (haha) But I will also be using these acrylics to work on my clay projects.

The little treasure chest: I saw a pin on pintrest; a tiny dragon curled up on a treasure chest. So when I saw the little box I thought I’d do my own version of the pin I saw.

All of these were bought from Herannies in Littleton Manor. They don’t have a website. (Something I think they should look into) but their store is huge and they have a good selection of craft-supplies. Nothing like in other countries.
(What I would give for a Michael’s or a Joann’s) But good by SA standards.

I also bought a pair of acrylic knitting needles in 10mm size. Not for my knitting, crafties.

I’ll be showing you what I did with those next week.

Happy crafting,





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