The Fox – Craft Win

Happy Sunday, Crafties,


First I have to apologize for not posting for two weeks running. The first weekend time got away from me. Before I realized that I hadn’t posted yet, it was Monday again. Last weekend our power went off in the early hours of Saturday morning and despite begging and phoning till our ears were falling off the council didn’t come fix it.

It took my saint-hubby going to the council on Monday morning to get them to come out and it took them—litrally—the flip of a switch to get the power back on again.


I can tell you we were not happy.


On to the post.

This week its only a small post. I’ve just finished another novel and I’m in the editing process so I don’t have much going on in the craft department besides my long term projects.

I feel I have to share the craft WIN that one of my readers created.

Monique Hunke of East London in the Cape made my fox for her grand-daughter and I was delighted with the results.

She modified it a bit, making the ears bigger and the body a little longer. (Which it did need)

I think it came out fantastic and I wanted to share the results with you all.

Well done Monique!



Okay  crafties, that’s it for today. I will be back next week with some more crafty goodness.


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