Keeping up with the Crafting

Happy Sunday, Crafties


As a multi-crafter I always have more than a few projects going at any specific time. Added to that, my over-active brain has ideas and concepts buzzing round it continually. Whether it’s a plot in a book I’m busy writing, or a craft idea, or a new project I want to try.

I get asked a lot. “How do you keep up?”

Today I’m going to share a simple little secret with you.


I know, it sounds so old-skool but I have to TO DO lists and idea lists and project lists and plot lists. Even that can get overwhelming.

So I’ve found a way to simplify it and still help my overactive brain keep up with everything.

I keep note-books for my lists. One for crafting, One for writing and my day planner. Between those and Google calendar I’m perfectly organized.


Today I’m going to be sharing my Craft book, and the simple way I do it to keep it manageable.

Firstly I keep my craft planner on my desk within easy reach. That way I don’t have to go hunting for it when I want to jot an idea.



My craft planner is a simple A5 book I bought for about R30 from Makro if I remember right.

I’m still going to decorate it but for now its just a plain pink hard-cover journal.

I have it divided into two sections.


CURRENT PROJECTS: That’s in the front of the book.


IDEAS: That is in the back of the book.




So if I have a craft idea I go jot it in the back.

And the projects that I’m busy with get jotted in the front.




Current Projects.



As I complete a project I strike through it with a highlighter and use a date stamp to put in the date it was completed.

You’d be surprised at the sense of accomplishment you get as those projects get finished one by one and the highlight adds up.

The green writing in the margin on the current project page is just a code I worked out for what type of craft it is. That way I know at a glance what project it is.


Here is the code so you can see how I did it or borrow it for your own lists:

LH- Latch Hooking

CS- Cross Stitch

CR- Crochet

CP- Color Pencil

PA- Painting

AB- Air Brushing

TB- Teddy Bears

PC- Polymer Clay

KN- Knitting

PB- Pealer Beads

CG- Computer Graphics

SW- Sewing

QU- Quilting

AP- Appliqué

CA- Card Making

BE- Beading


As you can see its very straight forward.


There is one thing I do that help when you have a huge project that can feel very overwhelming.

I break it into sections.


For example; I have a cross stitch piece I have been working on for ages. It’s a huge piece that has 6 pages of pattern.

I break it into pages: So in my craft journal I’ll have Page 3 of Aurora Cabin.

And once that page is completed I cross it out and add Page 4 of Aurora Cabin.

It makes a big task seem smaller, believe me it helps.


The Back is ideas:


As I start a project  I strike through it with a highlighter and ad WIP (work in progress) to that page.

See so simple and you know where you are and what you have time for.


Okay, so I’ve made this post a lot longer than I intended too. Gah. Sorry about that.

I hope it helps you get a bit more organized if you are a multi-crafter like me.


Have a great Sunday




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