Fairy House

Morning Crafties,

Lookit! I made a fairy house.
I bought some of those polystyrene balls you get in craft shops and used my Filani clay.

I used my pasta machine on its widest setting and made a sheet of green and covered the polystyrene ball, then I decorated it. Just going with what I liked.


I added the base using brown clay, just to make it more stable.

I used a leaf shaped cookie cutter for the leaves and a heart shaped one for the flower petals.  So its pretty straight forward.


The polystyrene ball will shrink in the oven so when you are done you can pull it out and you have a nice little house.

If it doesn’t shrink you can use acetone (dripped onto the ball) to shrink it.


I got a packet of these balls so I will definitely be making more houses. And whatever else I can think to use them for.

Happy Crafting



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