Christmas Fairy/Doll

Morning Crafties,


A couple of days ago I got ambitious. I’ve been learning to make polymer clay dolls from a wonderful youtuber SandrArtes. I love all her tutorials, but I love her dolls especially. She makes it look way easier than it actually is.

But I’ve followed a couple of her tutorials so I thought I’d try and make one on my own.

I didn’t take nearly enough photos of the process so next time I make a doll I’ll take a lot more and walk you through what I did step for step.

For now this is just a break down.


Project Name: Christmas Fairy

Materials: Polymer Clay (Fimo original and Fimo Professional)

Wings: Printed transparency with water based green makers, sequins and Glossy Accents covering it all.


  • I started with google. I needed to find an image of an elf outfit that would work for my idea. So I did an image search found something along the lines of what I wanted and used it as a basic reference.
  • The boots were what I worked on first. Using a simple tapered rod of black clay I formed and shaped them until I was happy
  • 20151130_134936
  • Legs, again the tapered shape but in the color Carmine.
  • Then I did the torso. I didn’t mix a skin tone and I’d run out of the one I’d used previously, so I used the color “Champagne”
  • 20151130_145844
  • Once I had the torso I used a head pin for stability and attached the legs to that. Then I went to work on the outfit.
  • Then the arms. I still struggle with hands, but I’m hoping practice makes perfect
  • The neck and head next then the hair before I added the hood. (That took a bit of working out, I wasn’t sure how to for the shape. I ended up making a rectangle and flattening half of it on the fold. Cutting away the excess clay and gently shaping a hood shape from the rest.
  • To make the fur trim on the boots and jacket hand hood I used Carmine again rolled quiet thick I used a needle too to make the texture so it seemed more fur like.
  • 20151130_140606
  • The hair was ochre, champagne, and chocolate.
  • The pompoms just little textured balls.
  • I made sure to add two pieces of wire to her back so that I could add the wings later.
  • I baked her at 110c for an hour and a half. Sometimes the clay can be a bit brittle if I bake for less time, so I made sure I baked longer than necessary.
  • Once she was ready I used a glaze on her boots and belt buckle to make them shiny.

I’m really happy with how she turned out! Next one is going to be a reindeer fairy!

Thanks for reading,

Happy crafting




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