Gift Idea and a ramble


Morning Crafties.

I’ve decided that my work area is now called my CROWS – Craft Room/Office/Workshop/Studio. There is just too much going on in this room to call it any one thing so being all clever (I thought so at least) I now call it my CROWS room.

Last December I got a Zutter bind it all. And somewhere in the middle of the year I finally got around to buying wires for it. A hit of R70 for four wires *raises eyebrows*

I hadn’t tried it ’till the other day.  And even though I’m far from stupid, their instruction manual had me scratching my head. Well… I was a bit more verbal and the air was a delicate shade of blue from my language usage.
I gave up and watched some kind soul’s Youtube video for answers instead.
It worked fine, but the wires bent a bit squishie (that’s a technical term) for me.

But  making books? Oh boy the ideas! The possibilities!
There was only one problem, wire for the bind it all isn’t easy to come by and its not inexpensive either. If I want to make books and explore those possibilities I don’t want to have to consider the weight of “Is the project worth the cost of my wire binding”
*Picture me clutching binding wires to my chest and looking around in a paranoid way while grunting “my precious”*

So I got myself the cheepest binding machine and paid next to nothing for the combs that you use to make books and next to nothing for the cover sheets and now I have so many consumables that I can make bound books until I’m happy.

And now for the point of this post — I knew I’d get there eventually.

At the moment all these adult coloring books are in style and everyone and their mother — no I mean that literally, I love them and so does my mother– loves them.

I went hunting online for my mom’s favorite thing to color (Fairies) and My daughters favorite thing and my sons. I printed out these free coloring sheets and made them each a coloring book of their favorite thing to color.

They are stocking stuffers of a sort. So an extra gift that I made for them using what I had. And something fun to do on Christmas day.

Happy Crafting




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