New Project


Morning Crafties,

I have a new project on the go. I’m going to do an owl in Water-soluble graphite pencils.

The only thing in color is going to be the eyes, which I’m going to do in Inktense.

I was originally going to draw in the background, but after the success of my first airbrushing attempt I thought I’d airbrush in the background.

This time I used a LOT of masking fluid, I hope it worked. I did the background in blacks and whites with little black and white circles. It looks rough right now but hopefully once its dry and I take off the masking it will look better.

I learned something new though.

I’m MESSY when I airbrush. Okay so technically I learned that last time but this time was worse! Probably because I used a stencil too.

So when I get my own home I’m going to set up a designated airbrushing area where I have heaps of drop cloths and other protection.

Also I found something that helps clean my mess.

I have a small spray bottle with Johnsons and Johnsons baby shampoo mixed with water in it.  I use the yellow one.


I usually use it to clean my stamps, but it worked like a charm to clean off my messes. That and my old Hello kitty toothbrush.

I’m positive there are fantastic air brush cleaners out there, but I don’t have any and its always good to use what you have! 

More to come as soon as I get some work done on the Owl.

Happy Crafting,




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