Finished Blossoms


We are only human, or so the saying goes. So it is logical that sometimes our projects will flop a little–or a lot.

I’ve finished my blossoms, but I’m not happy with it. It was not one of my most rewarding art experiences. Though, if you count learning lessons then yes, it was rewarding.


I can’t begin to describe the frustration  had trying to get the
“Spectrum Noir” color pencils to do what I needed them to do.

(and I write for a living, so that has to tell you something)

In the end I changed my composition, cutting off the last flowers because I couldn’t face the prospect of having to struggle with those pencils anymore.

Yes I’m a coward.

Please, learn from me, if you want to use pencils for fine art, DONT!

They are great for general crafting, but I’m removing them from my art stash and putting them in my crafting stash. Or I’m going to give them to my mom who is very into her “coloring books for grownups”.

It really peeves me that I paid so much money to get the full five sets (you can’t buy these puppies open stock) but I should have bought one set and seen. Lesson learned.  Karma coming to bite me on the…

I will not attempt another color pencil drawing until I have suitable color pencils. (Rant over) hahaha.

Right now I’m trying to get the big set of Polychromos. I know those are awesome because I have some that I got open stock and frankly those few colors kept me from tearing this drawing up.

That said I loved the way the airbrush background worked in the end and I learned a few valuable lessons from this piece, so it was not a failure.

I believe anything you learn from is a win, and not the opposite.

Have a crafty weekend.






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