Tealight Stove – Update

Morning Crafties,

A little while back I made a post about a tea-light candle stove I was going to get Saint-hubby to put togheter for me so I could pre-bake and bake my polymer clay creations without having to use electricity.

I promised that I would get back to you on the results.

Well today after much nagging and pointing out the extra units the stove eats (from me) Saint-hubby put it together for me.


And as you can see I tested it. Now I’m going to tell you my results.

Now, Saint-hubby made the braces a bit tall. So the candles are quiet far from the “bottom” of the top part. I remedied that by putting the tealights on the bottom side of three tomato paste tins. That way the flames are only about half a centimeter from the “bottom” of the top part.

I put my oven thermometer in there and it soon rose to 100c. The baking temp for most clays is about 130c so I can easily fix that by adding another candle.

I made two small little clay charms using a cookie cutter, so they are relatively flat.

I put them in and let them go for about 10 minutes.

What do you know?! Perfectly pre-baked and ready to use.

So from my small experiment I would say that the home-made tea-light stove works like the proverbial charm.

Happy Crafting




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