Cherry Blossoms

Good Morning Crafties,

Today I’m going to share a work in progress, mostly because this one has a couple of interesting firsts for me.

Because of that I wanted to share with those who are also doing firsts, so you can learn from my mistakes.

My first time using masking fluid, and my first time airbrushing.

I use a South African brand of product called “Dala”

oil_medium_artistartmaskingfluidand I have to say it works great. AND it costs way less than the other brands. But I learned that I have to be more generous with my layer of masking fluid, because my airbrush ink/paint bled through on my thinner layers.


I have a cheepy single action airbrush and compressor (something that will hopefully be remedied this December when my birthday rolls around)

Because the compressor really doesn’t have my power at all, and it can get frustrating.


But for something as simple as this background it worked just fine.
You can see how messy I am tho. My poor table-cloth will forever be orange spotted.


For those of you who want to know, my airbrush paint (something hard to find in SA and we don’t get Createx here) is also Dala.

Dala drawing inks to be precise, they are just over R20 a bottle and well worth the money, I loved the way they worked.

I got the background done. Darker than the reference I’m working from which is from “Paint my photo” by the way.

So the airbrushing itself went smoothly but when I removed the masking fluid there were spots of paint that bled through and one big patch that I’m going to have to work around. But I’ll get creative.

I’m working in color pencils and I have to say. Brand makes a difference.

Its sad but true.

A while ago, and with great joy I bought all 5 sets of Spectrum Noir color pencils. They are oil bassed and I thought they would be perfect…


They would be for normal crafting, but for the kind of layering I do in fine art they just don’t do the trick, and its especially clear when I use the few Polychromos (Faber-Castell) that I bought open stock.

Can we say “Frustration” ? Another big ticket item on my list then, a set of proper artist quality pencils, because I’m working 5 times as hard as I should be.

I use normal thinners and a brush for blending and it works just fine.

I decant a small amount into a glass jar I keep just for thinners.


Again finding Mona-lisa oderliss thinners seems to be a no go unless I hit amazon. If anyone has a better alternative please let me know. But as I said it does work well.

Time for the WIP this is after the first bit of layering, by no means NEAR finished.


Can you see the big patch I”m going to have to work around.

Wont make that mistake again.

Thanks for visiting with me, Crafties.

Have a crafty day,







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