Bee on Lavender

Hi Crafties,

I’ve been drawing since I was little, but my true love is writing and as I was working to become published my art took a back seat (more like it went to the back of the bus and stayed there)

But lately, due to some insperation from some epic people out there I’ve begun drawing again.

My curent favorite medium is Color pencils.

And my favorite artist is Lisa from Lachri Fine Art. She has a Youtube channel and I wait for her Wednesday posts of her own speed paintings and work. I love watching how she works and I’ve learned a lot from her.

I fell hopelessly in love when she did a draing (pencil colors) of a bee on some lavender. It had a damask print added to it. That just made the image pop. She told us where she got her reference and I thought. Wow. I’d love to paint a bee on a flower.

I decided to do my own version of her drawing, because A) I wanted to honor her and what I’ve learned from Lisa. And B) I believe a bee in the house is money coming.

So I did my own version and it will be framed and hung in my living room of my house (when I get one)

And as usual I’ve yacked enough. Let me show you how it came out.


Spectrum Noir and Derwent Pencils on Fabriano Academia paper.


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