Fairy Wing Experiments

Morning Crafties,

A week or so ago I made some fairy wings using a printed transparency and glossy accents. They came out gorgeous.


Then yesterday I made another set, this time adding some micro marbles and some sequins. The markers I used were water based, because I don’t have any green permanent ones. And the effect it gave once I put on the Glossy accents was like a marbled look.

I quiet liked the effect.


So I thought I’d take it one step further and experiment a bit with other possible “gloss” mediums.


  1. I colored in a wing set in purples. (Alcohol Markers)
  2. Right top with I put Acrylic Gel medium right out the bottle with a brush
  3. Right bottom wing is Acrylic Gel medium mixed with water and applied with a squeeze bottle.
  4. left bottom is Ponel white wood glue. It dries clear
  5. left top is cold glue, also white when applied but dries clear.

This was done about three hours ago and as you can see it hasn’t dried yet. So if it does work in the end its going to be a loooong drying time.

The Acrylic Gel out the bottle doesn’t give enough dimension

The Acrylic Gel mixed with water is too prone to air bubbles and looses a lot of dimension as it dries.

Both the Ponel and the cold glue have kept their dimension but the Ponel seems to be lifting the permanent marker up and neither one is close to dry yes.

I will post an update when they eventually dry, but to my mind glossy accents gives the best effect, unless you can get your hands on some diamond glaze.

Update: Another couple of hours later and the Acrylic gel looks terrible and the white glues are still not dry.

Happy Crafting,



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