Polymer Clay Storage

Morning Crafties

Today I’m going to show you how I store my opened packets of clay.


These boxes can be bought at the Crazy Store (We have them all over South Africa) and they cost about R50 I remember when I could get the boxes for R20 (ah, the good old days)

I use these boxes for a lot of my craft supplies but they come in particularity handy with polymer clay.

I have 7 boxes for my clay and I used to mix all my brands and pack them by rainbow order

Box 1 is for my scrap clay, I like to keep my mixed colors separated, that way I can go back and use the little bits for accents and so on.


The muddy color you see in the left big rectangle contains all the bits that are really too small for anything and I use that to put through my pasta machine before I start putting the color I’m working on through. It takes all the black marks my rollers leave and cleans the rollers. A must have if you want clean clay.

ROY Gives Big IV‘s

R- Red

O- Orange

Y – Yellow





Starting with my whites, blacks, translucent, browns and skin tones in the first box.

Fancy clays like glitter, and glow in the dark in the last box

In between was the rest of the spectrum.

They are all in little zip-lock baggies that I buy at Herannies for R11 for 50 and each is label with the brand and color name and number. (gotta love my label maker)

But after my chewing-gum-clay experience I’ve separated them out. Still in rainbow order. Like I did it before, but this time all my Filani (and I have every color there is in the range) in one set of boxes

All my Fimo in their own set of boxes (i have quiet a few of those but need more) and the few Cernit and Premo blocks I have in the last box.

Now, all these boxes are fine and dandy,but they can be a bit of a pain when I have to lift three boxes to get to my greens

so what we are going to do is this.

My Saint-Husband is going to make a frame work for a draw set, (out of some old wood we have lying around the place) then I’m going to take the lids off the boxes and put them in the framework so they pull out with the long end facing me. That way I’ll be able to pull the “drawer” that contains the color I need and brand I need with no trouble at all and it can all fit on my polymer clay work desk.

I will post a picture once the project is done. Saint-Husband can be a bit slow getting to it then fish-wife has to nag a bit.

Have a crafty day,



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