Findings and how I store them

Morning Crafties,

We are finally getting some rain here, and its heavenly! I love the brooding dark skys!

Today I want to talk about my findings and how I store them.

Firstly, I have a finding obsession, if I see a new type I have to buy some and have some spare and have some spare of the spare. You know what I mean?

Its an OCD thing I’m sure. *Laughs*

This is how I store my findings:

20150829_124104 20150829_124117

I have two large boxes that I keep them all separate in. These findings are for my polymer clay, I don’t make jewelry. So this is all for charms and polymer clay items.

I buy my findings from the Oriental mall in Rooihuiskraal in Centurion. And I buy them in bulk whenever I can. What is in here is only part of it. My bulk items are stored in their packets in a drawer, and I know I’ll never run out.

The boxes (in case  you were wondering, were also bought from the Oriental mall, I payed only R40 per box. I wish I bought more.


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