Pinkey The Polymerclay Fair-doll


Morning Crafties,

As you all know I’m learning how to work with polymer clay, and a great resource if you want to learn anything is Youtube.

There are quiet a few polymer clay artists I follow but one of my favorites is sandrartes. If you are interested in learning how to make clay dolls she is phenomenal, and at the level I’m at with my learning process she’s not overly complicated.

side note: I’m always staring at her tools with drool dripping from my chin and trying to make hubby make me something similar, I don’t know where she got that set but they look fantastic. Simple and versatile

Fairy Doll:

I have been following some of her tutorials with much enjoyment and Pinky is based of her little Indian doll.

I changed a few things but I wanted that sitting pose.

She took me most of yesterday to make, and I did pre-bake the clay after I’d finished the legs and torso, before I put the dress and arms on. It made it easier for me to deal with the clay.

The wings I posted about the other day Transparency wings are what I made this fairy for specifically.

Clay: Fimo all the way

Also I’m now (as I’ve mentioned before) firmly dedicated and faithful to Fimo clay. It might be hard to condition but the new Fimo professional doesn’t take as long to condition and it isn’t as crumbly as the Fimo original. And the price is better. Triple win – I’d call that a trifecta.

Why the change of heart from softer clays? One word. Chewing gum okay, so that’s two words. The point is – in the heat wave we’ve been having – my softer clays turn to chewing gum. And putting your clay in the fridge does NOT work!

I learned that the hard way after I finished a fairy that I put in the fridge ever so often just so I could work with it.

The thing turned to pulp the minute I put it in to bake. I cried over wasted clay and time sculpting it.

I learned yesterday, after mixing in white (Filani) with light flesh (Fimo) that I’d have the same chewing gum effect.

When I mixed Fimo and Fimo I had much better clay to work with so much that I could actually get hands, something I struggled with for hours with the other mix.

A note on Filani

Filani is a clay made in South Africa, and let me be the first to say, that I love it, but in this heat it is just too soft to work with. I think I will be hauling out my Filani in the winter, when a softer clay might be easier to work with.

All in all I’m ecstatic with the way Pinkey turned out (wouldn’t say I have much imagination in naming her haha)


Thanks for reading

Have a crafty day



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