Re-purposing a nifty little idea

Hot Afternoon Crafties,

We’ve been having a heat wave of epic pro-portions here in South Africa, and I’m praying for it to break.

But bright spark here has been working with polymer clay all week. And I must admit I’ve learned a lot in my week of fails and wins.

I tried for the first time yesterday to sculpt a face….

Fugly doesn’t come close to describing it. Plus I made the mistake of mixing in a very soft clay with my Fimo and that made it 10 times as difficult.

I’m now a firm Fimo convert, I don’t care how long it takes to condition, (or how much it hurts my hands to do it) it just makes my life so much easier when I don’t have to struggle to get the clay to hold its shape, especially in the hot climate I live in.

Back to the re-purposing part of the post.

Due to a lack of blending tools that are worth anything (haha) I ended up with a lot of lumps and bumps on the baked face.

And since I don’t own a Dremel tool (Santa are you listening?) I dug out my old electric maincure set. My logic was that if its good enough to work on nails its good enough to work on clay.

And wouldn’t you know it, it worked like a charm, and is now a part of my polymer clay set up.


So if you have one of these little sets lying around, its much easier to get into small crevices with the bits than it would be with some sandpaper.

Have a crafty day,



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