Transparency Fairy Wings

Morning Crafties,

While roaming Youtube for ways to do fairy wings for my polymer clay creations. I came across a vid (and I will go hunt it down if you really want me to) where a guy was putting diamond glaze on a set of wings he bought from a site.

The wings had been printed onto a transparency.

and I thought hmmm, nifty.

I have both laser and ink jet and thanks to my late dad I have a box of printable transparencies.

  • So I went and did a google search for images and chose a set of wings I liked.
  • I took them into photoshop and edited and re sized them so they would fit my fairy.
  • Then I used my black laser printer to print them onto transparency. (Mostly because I’m currently out of ink on my color inkjet haha)
  • I used my alcohol marker (the few I have) to color the wing in shades of pink, since I know the current fairy is going to be pink
  • 20151110_105101
  • After I had the wings colored to my satisfaction I took two pieces of wire about 3cm long and using E6000 I glued one half to the entry ridge of the wing, so I’d be able to attach it to my fairy.
  • When the glue was dry I reached for a craft room favorite. I don’t have diamond glaze like the guy in the vid but I do have glossy accents and its a dimensional glue.
  • 20151110_122219
  • Here you can see where I’ve put if over one wing. The color looks faded out because glossy accents goes on slightly milky but dries clear.
  • 20151110_122815
  • I added a nice even layer (easy to do with the small nib it has) to both wings and set it aside to dry.
  • Once it was dry I added another layer of glossy accent to the front and again, I set it aside to dry.
  • When that was mostly dry (because I’m impatient) I turned it over and repeated the process on the back of the transparency.
  • On the back I only put one layer because I didn’t want to make it too bulky and I wanted to conserve my glossy accents.
  • I left it overnight to dry and this morning I came into my office and grinned with glee at how well it had turned out.
  • I took my fussy cutting scissors and cut around the glossy accents and this is what we ended up with, Crafties.
  • 20151111_07493520151111_074924
  • 20151111_074913

Alternative ways of doing it:

  • Another way of doing this (if you don’t have transparencies or a printer) is to use acetate or clear packaging, find a set of wings you  like and use your pc screen as a light box.
  • Trace the image onto the acetate/clear packaging then just do what I did to add color with an alcahole maker.
  • An alternative to the glossy accents:
  • I’m going to try using white craft glue like Elmer’s school glue, we have Ponel here, and it dries clear. So I’m going to give that a try.
  • Modge Podge might work too, but you’d need more layers.

If you think about it there are various ways to try your hand at making some transparent fairy wings.

Overall, I’m quiet happy with how the wings turned out and I’ll be making more and putting them away for future fairy projects.

Have a crafty day,



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