In the Pink

Hi Crafties,

Just a quick post. Over the weekend I got a massive findings haul! So epic I’m still drooling over all my new toys.

I’m now on a strangulation budget… as in if I spend another cent on craft stuff my husband will strangle me.



I have some dotting tools and clay tools that I’ve had for a while, and they had plain brown wooden handles.

I decided I wanted some pink on them. I love to personalize things. So I took out a bright pink acrylic paint, mixed it with some white to make it more opaque and painted a couple of layers onto the wood, then I varnished the tools with my varnish I use for polymer clay.

Simple little thing, but it makes a huge difference when I look at my little tool box.


We all know how much I love pink.

The image is a bit … upside down but you get the drift.

If you are wondering about my work surface I’ll explain quick.

Its where I work with my polymer clay. I have my pink cutting mat but since the clay sticks to it I can’t use it

I do have a slab of glass, but I hate the sound the blades make against it when I need to cut clay. It’s like nails on a chalk board to me. So I put down the cutting mat and over it I have some pretty wax paper I found at our local Spar.

I have it stuck down with some micropore tape. It works like a dream and even better. When I’m done I can toss the wax paper, no mess- no fuss, crafties.


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