Puff the baby dragon – Mohair bear kit – PART TWO – Prepping the fabric and cutting out.

Hi Crafties,

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet. I’m on the last part of my current book so I tend to get obsessive compulsive with the writing and I don’t have as much time for my fun projects.

So this is late but here is the next installment of the Puff baby dragon bears.

Unlike with dress-making when you use your pattern pieces on bear fabric you transfer them to the wrong side by tracing around your pattern pieces with a gel pen. The color doesn’t matter but do chose one you can see properly and remember to draw in all the markings you need.

Also, place the pieces (grain as instructed) but in a way that you don’t waste materials, especially the more expensive ones like this mohair that came in the kit.

Below you can see how I’ve started tracing off the pattern pieces and once I have them all done I can move on to cutting them out.


Cutting out your pieces: 

For this you will need a small, sharp pointed scissors, and some fussy cutting skills.

When you lift the mohair (or synthetic) to cut it. It will be facing you with the wrong side up. This is where you’ve traced the pattern. Be careful to NOT cut the fibers of the pile, use the sharp point of the scissors to get between the fibers to the “mesh” part of the fabric.  You can’t just hack away at the pattern with a dress scissors you will ruin your bear.

20150711_182250As I said in my previous post I was going to cut my wings from some vinyl I had in my stash. And if this looks like more parts than there is supposed to be… That’s because there is. I’m doing two of these kits at the same time. One for my best friend Athena, and one for myself.

I’m not going to go into detail with the next steps in the process. It’s all explained in the instructions.

However, if you would like me to take you through everything step by step, leave a comment and I will design a bear and share the pattern as well, then I will take you through each step of the whole process.

Happy Crafting



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