Ventures into Polymer Clay – Craft Fail – Then Win.

Hi Crafties,

Since childhood I have loved to draw, so you’d think it would be an extension to want to make my work three D by doing things in clay.

Well I tried it and found that my skin does not like normal clay! Hives people. I’m not going to elaborate on it, use your bountiful imaginations.

But recently I’ve been intrigued by polymer clay. So I bought some basic supplies and watched more youtube videos than anyone should (for the sake of their sanity). Then today after finishing my quota for the day I decided to give it a try.

I picked a project that was incredibly simple. Having 2D art skills is one thing, translating them into 3D is another thing altogether.

It was a “Simplistic Bunny”

I used a tutorial from Cool Rice Bunnies on Youtube and I think my first attempt came out pretty good considering I have NO real practice in sculpting of any kind.


But then disaster.

One of the things I acquired for my clay crafting was a little oven. I got it cheap so it was a good deal.

I set the oven to 100 celcius and waited for it to pre-heat.

The pack says 110c and to leave it for 30 minutes.

This is what happened!



Okay, but you have no mother or father, so you have to do what I tell you!

I made another bunny. Not as carefully this time since it was an experiment and I didn’t want to work perfectly only to have it melt or crumble on me.

I put it in at 50c for one hour. Half the temp, double the time.



I turned the ear over, not part of the tut but I thought it was cute.

Now I need to get some varnish so I can varnish it and then it will be done.

My verdict?

I LOVE love LOVE Polymer clay and I will keep on working until my skill improves and I can make the most awesome things.

Happy Crafting!


4 thoughts on “Ventures into Polymer Clay – Craft Fail – Then Win.

  1. Cute bunny! I suggest baking with parchment paper to avoid shiny spots metal surfaces can create on polymer clay when baking. To also help the clay from being over baked or burned from hot spots in the oven, create a small aluminum foil tent to loosely place over the charm. I bake my charms like this every time and it comes out perfectly.


    • Great advice thanks. I put wax paper in at first and it threatened to burn up LOL so I took a silicon mat I’ve been using on my craft desk and that helped a lot. I didn’t think of a foil tent. I will do that next time for sure πŸ˜€

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