DIY Travelers Journal


Hello Crafties,

Today I want to share my latest project with you.

I am the queen of To-Do lists. I don’t go a day without plotting and planning everything on lists. It keeps me focused. (Well most of the time it does) I think its the writer in me.

I’m always looking for the perfect way to keep all my lists organized and I recently – during my youtube travels—saw what they refer to as a travel journal.

All it really is: is a beautiful note book cover that you can store several note books in while you are “travelling” then when they are full you can archive them and put in a new note book.

This idea really appealed to me.  So I’m going to tell you how I did it. DIY

I used:

  1. I bought 5 A5 (half the size of a printer page) note books, with little squares instead of lines. One for my lists, one for my important things to keep track of, one for my book plot lines and the rest… I know they will have a use soon.


  1. A piece of purple faux leather (vinyl) . I’ve had it in my stash forever.20150626_184003
  2. A piece of pink felt. I was considering pink crushed velvet, but I liked the sturdiness of the felt better
  3. 2 plastic file dividers with the tabs cut off.
  4. Pink bias binding for a neat edge
  5. A length of corded elastic, they type you can buy just about anywhere.20150625_183017

And this is how I did it,

Note Books:

I used 12×12 patterned scrap-booking paper cut down to size and pasted to the front covers of the books, with washi tape on the two vertical edges for an extra bit of color.

I used my cuttlebug and a label die to create the tags on the front o f the books from the scraps of paper I hadn’t used for the covers.

The tabs you see on the one book are from those I made in a previous tutorial I posted on the blog.

The Journal Cover:

First I measured out how long and wide my books were. I drew out the lines using a T-ruler and a marker (just a white board marker, it won’t show though the thick fabric and the lines will be hidden after everything is put together. Then cut the vinyl and felt to size.


I stuck the file dividers together with glue then used some heavy duty masking tape to make sure it didn’t come apart.


I used my scoring board to score on the file dividers where I wanted the spine to fold and the flap to be.


I made and icky mess with glue (what fun) and stuck the dividers down onto the vinyl.

Once that was dry I stuck the felt down to the other side of the dividers

I took the bias binding and sewed it to the felt inside first (using stab stitch and small stitches so it would be sturdy)  then folded over the raw edge and sewed it to the other side (the vinyl) making a neat edge. For this I used blind hem stitch.



I took the elastic, which was white and used one of my Spectrum Noir alcohol markers to color it pink.


Then I punched holes for the elastic with an awl. I followed Sea Lemons’s tutorial on adding the elestics.  You can find her travellers journal tutorial here.

I added my books and Wham. I have a cool journal that is going to be used till it no longer holds its shape.



There you go, easy as that. I hope this little share has inspired someone to try their hand at making a travel journal.

Have a great day, Crafties,



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