Color Pencil Heaven

Good Morning Crafties,

Okay, so I’ve been MIA and deep in enemy territory. Between having bronchitis (right at the start of winter), trying to come off my cortisone meds, (not the best plan I’ve ever had) and the whole house being tiled out (out with the carpets), I’ve had very little time for anything creative, let alone time online.

But things are starting to settle down and I will be sharing more creative things with you as I get more and more settled. I have a few things to share and some on-the-go projects as well.

Starting with color pencils. Now, you have to understand, I’m working to find the best way to put it all in one accessible space for me. Coloring and drawing with color pencils (I keep wanting to call them pencil crayons because that’s what we call them here in South Africa) has become my current favorite medium/media.

I got all five sets of Spectrum Noir pencils (they are oil based not wax based) and I was loathed to take them out the collection tins. So this was the first thing I did.


Each collection got its own unique washi strip (thanks Lindsay for the idea) and the numbers for the pencils were written out with my label maker and pasted in the tin lid as well as the numbers (in the order they were in the tin when I got it and color swatches of each pencil.

Awesome and so nicely organized, but wait… I want to work with more than one collection at a time and sitting there with the tins open all around me is just painful. So on to the next plan.

Still keeping the washi on the pencils (and the tins in a safe place should I decide I want to put them back in there) I moved the whole collection to an old make-up case.

I pulled out my trusty hot glue gun. Took two empty and clean liter ice-cream dishes and hot glued them in there.

11419984_447930162044583_1348073691_n 11420019_447930132044586_1215865576_n

And put a swatch out of all the colors in the top netting space where the mirror used to be (You can’t see it in the photo but its there) and I have space in there for my erasers and my other odds and ends.

As you can see I have my Derwents in there too.

Epic and it works like a charm. I do wish that I could separate by color families, but until Gavin (who should have been named Procrastination) builds my proper color pencil box, this will do.

PS: Yes that is a make up brush in the pencil bag. The big soft blush brushes (once cleaned) work very well to get rid of eraser bits and what-not)

Now I’m trying to find the perfect blending solution. So far the best I’ve gotten is Thinners. I can’t find any odorless and that sucks, because the stuff pongs to high-heaven.


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