Insomnia and a new toy

Hi Crafties,

Its 12:30am on Thursday morning and I have some of my world famous insomnia. So I did my pimping, my second round of edits on the new book and then I picked up my new toy.


Its a kids “Smart Weaver” and you might think “Why would a grown woman want to play with a kids weaver?”

The answer is because its a mini knitting machine, that allows you to work both straight edge and in a circular fashion. I’m going to be making all kinds of neat things with it, and it goes so fast! And (this is a bonus) its really easy to use.

Now my mom can quit bugging me for socks. I’ll make her some tube shaped ones that will fit quiet comfy and be warm for the winter.

I saw this little gem at Her-annies the other day, and thought it would be a really fun thing to have. I do so love tools.

I will add that its sturdy and well made and it doesn’t feel like its going to break if you turn the leaver too hard.

A really fun buy or anyone who loves to play with wool/yarn.


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