Hi Crafties,

I’m having a grrrr morning. I decided that I wanted to do a digital photomanipulation/painting for my art journal this week. A really cool idea that Willo (my daughter) came up with. So I went and found all the stock photos, decided on my composition and opened up photoshop.

Okay, cool, but doing any “Painting” with a mouse is a pain in the backside and decidedly less prone to good results so I took out my tablet (nothing fancy a genius tablet I’ve had for years – bottom of the range)

Only to discover, *weeps* that is toasted/shot/broke/stuffed chose any other adjective you want. *weeps more*

So I went hunting for a new tablet. I’ve always wanted a wacom but the cheapest is R702 not so much in Dollars or Pounds but in Rands. *weeps more*

And I can’t even find a genius tablet on Take-a-lot or Loot.. It SUCKS!

Why do these things have to be so expensive?

Please to be sure to eat some cheese while I whine *laughs*

Have a happy crafty day.


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