Honor has not been murdered by commercialism


Hi Crafties,

Strange title, yes? Yes.

Let me tell you a story.

I’ve been wanting a the full range of Spectrum Noir pencils for a while now, so I’ve been hunting for a good price in our (South African) online stores.

I was blown away when I found a site that had the pencils for R240 a set. This is compared to most of the others who are closer to R400 a set. I’m rounding up but you get the idea, right?

So I kept an eye on the site and the prices didn’t change and when I had the money, I ordered all five sets. Paid for them in minutes and was flying with happy excitement.

There is no way I could have ordered all five sets at the prices for the other stores, and added to this, according to Swirls and Twirls pages (thats the site btw) they had three in stock of each set.

You all know how excitable I can get, this was me on an even more hyper excited level.

This was the Friday.

Monday morning comes and I check my email, there is one from Swirls and Twirls.

I’m not going to paste it, I’ll just break it down.

The suppliers had upped the prices of the pencils without informing Swirls and Twirls and the price was now R369 per tin of pencils, they were prepared to give me discount of 30 per tin but I had to pay in an extra R500 or I could have my money back.


I was NOT happy. Not only did I not have the money but I didn’t think it was fair.

I went and looked up our consumer laws and they were in my favor. So I wrote an email back explaining that I’d bought and paid for the pencils at a price and that my money had been accepted and I should get what I paid for, for what I paid for it. Also that it is not the consumers responsibility to keep up and query prices.

As I said before I’d been watching the price for a while, I didn’t just see and buy. I waited.

I was expecting an argument and full out war, because I don’t back down when I’m in the right, but when I got the email back from the lady at Swirls and Twirls I was amazed.

She explained that she would be taking a loss but was happy to do so if she could keep my good will as a customer.

Now that is honor. She could have carried on arguing (even if the law is in my favor, most south african’s wouldn’t even realize that) we could have started an email war. It could have gone pear shaped in so many ways, but it didn’t.

All because an online site, and its owner had the honesty and the grit to do the right thing!

Now, not only does she have my good-will as a customer. I will shop at her store over and over because she’s earned my loyalty, and I will share this article so you all can see that there are good people who do the right thing in the world.

You can find Swirls and Twirls here.

If you are South African and you are looking for great honest service. Shop with this site.

I will add, they do coupon codes too! (Which made me very happy) and after I asked that my pencils be packed carefully to avoid breakage, Alida (the wonderful lady in question) packed them up better than any packaging I’ve ever received and I shop online a lot.


Thanks for reading Crafties, and I hope you go and have a look at Swirls and Twirls.




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