Mini Haul – and Yorkie space issues

Hi Crafties,

Happy Monday! I hope you are all having a great day. Happy Easter too, for those of you who celebrate 🙂

I have a mini haul to share today and I’m quiet impressed because I got three things I really needed for my craft room for just over R150 (zar for those of you who don’t know a Rand is South African)


I got masking fluid for a steal of a deal. The other masking fluid that I’ve picked up and put back on the shelf twice is from a stationary store in Centurion mall, and its Daler Rownee they want R200 plus for a small bottle. OUCH. Thats a lot of money. I found the Dala masking fluid at PNA at Centurion Lifestyle Center for R45. HUGE difference.

I haven’t or rather, didn’t have any charcoal pencils and this was the most expensive piece of my haul at R102 also from PNA. But its Derwent and there are three grades or charcoal pencil and one white tinted one (thats what I was really after)

The last thing is a brush that I wanted after I saw this mini tutorial on youtube explaining how to do white hair. The technique blew me away. I never would have thought to do it like this. the words GOB SMACKED come to mind.

Now for the Yorkies space issues.

I LOVE MY DOGS! Can’t stress that enough. I have 3 Yorkie boys and one Pekingese baby girl.

I lost my Yorkie girl to the big dog next door and I will never get over that.

But the girl currently hogging my desk is my mom’s baby, Savanah. She’s visiting with me while my mom goes to visit with my beautiful new niece. But Savvy is NOT a happy baby. She wont get off my desk or leave me alone because she’s scared I leave her too. So typing is an interesting activity right now. *laughs*


Have a happy day Crafties.



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