Art Journal Prompt Entries for Week 7 and Week 8’s CRAFT CHALLENGE Prompt+Givaway

Hi Crafties,

Its Sunday and time for our entries. Sadly Beasty-Athena’s been crazy busy so she didn’t get to share a post this week and no one else has submitted a entry. So its only lil’ ol’ me that did something for the Princess Prompt.


Beasty-Athena got her page done YAY.

You can find it here


And here is my submission:


Inside every woman  is a elven princess

Hopefully there will be more entries next week.

All you have to do to enter is to leave a link to your entry in the comments of THIS post.

GIVEAWAY: One of the entries will be randomly chosen and they will receive a PDF copy(ebook)of “Burning Ember” by Evi Asher. Its the first part of a paranormal romance miniseries (book)  and I’m told pretty good *chuckles* I will be giving away all three parts through the weeks.

Now for the prompt. This week it was chosen by my wonderful husband Gavin. And your prompt is

Smokey Quartz 

What you do with the words is up to you, use Smokey or use Quartz or use them together, use a quote you think fits with the prompt. 

Make an art journal page, or a card or a painting or anything that is crafty.

I think I’m going to change the name of this weekly thing to CRAFT challenge. Because I believe creativity should never be limited.

So here is to another week.

Happy Crafting!


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