Week 7 Art Journal Prompt Entry

Hi Crafty Folk,

Week 7 of our Art Journal prompt was “Princess” and I really enjoyed this one.

I use my art journal to practice new techniques or test out ideas. I do not use it as a fine art place. I have another portfolio for those pieces.

I really enjoyed this weeks prompt. I got my idea by accident. I’d used acrylic gel medium and serviettes to create a background (testing out the idea) the day before Athena came up with the princess prompt. And when she did I realized my background would be perfect for the prompt.

I found a coloring book image of an elven  princess and my original idea was to color the image with my spectrum noir pencils.

You read right! I’m getting the whole range of spectrum noir pencils. But they will only be here about Tuesday. So I went to plan B.

I took out my set of 12 Inktense pencils (I really need a bigger set) and used them for the first time.

Now, you have to understand, I’ve been an acrylic artist my whole life, that or graphite. I was never fond of water medium. I know now–only because I never gave it a fair chance.

Now I’m keen to try water medium and airbrushing.

Really dying to get good with an airbrush. So there will be a lot of work as I learn how to do it.

Back to the point. I used my Inktense pencils and a water-brush. Oh my giddy aunt. Do I LOVE inktense pencils! A touch of color and you have bright vibrant colors! Epic.

As I said before:

The background was made using a napkin (serviette) and gel medium, then I watered down my DIY-gesso and put a wash of that over it.

The elven princes was a coloring book image found on line-printed out then worked with my inktense pencils and water-brush.

The wording “Inside Every Woman is an Elven Princess” is done with an alpha clear stamp set I have then I just added a shadow and used a dragonfly stamp too (I adore dragonflies)

I hope you all like it as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Looking forward to some cool Art Journal prompt entries from the others.

Happy Crafting,




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