Make your own mini Embellishments

Morning Crafties,

Today I have a quick tutorial on how to make your own mini accents.


You will need:

  • Small image punches. I got this set from Makro of all places, it cost me R119 when I bought it and considering how many little image punches I got it was well worth the price.
  • White paper or card stock. I used normal printer paper.
  • A bottle of glossy accents or some other dimensional adhesive. Personally I love Glossy Accents and its not too pricy.

I used my little punch to punch out a lot of the little shapes then I store them in a embellishment holder. As the edges get punched I just cut off the negative spaces and punch the next row. You can get a lot out of one piece of paper.


When you are ready to use it. Use a marker or (insert your choice of medium here) to color the little punched image.


Then squirt out a generous amount of glossy accents (or what you want to use) over it, let it dry and you have a little embellishment.

Hope this helped you all out,

Happy Crafting



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