File Tabs – How to.

Good Morning Crafty Folk,

This morning I have a quick tutorial on how I make file tabs.

Now there are easier ways. If you have a fancy tab punch or so on, but I don’t have one. So this is how I do it.

  1.  Choose your patterned paper and cut it down to the size you want for your tabs, using a paper trimmer. That way you have a nice neat straight line

  2. 005 006
  3. Use a bone folder to fold the tab in the middle. Now you have the pattern on both sides and you can stick it over your file divider and have a good place to grip.
  4. 004
  5. You can use a corner rounding punch, mine is an inexpensive corner rounder from Upkit. And crop your corners so that they are nicely rounded.
  6. 003 002
  7. Make a whole bunch and store them away for easy access when you need to put a tab on a page or divider.
  8. 001

Happy Crafting,



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